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How the bicycle saves a city 250 million euros per year

You probably know cycling saves you heaps of money and has enormous health benefits. But do you ever wonder what the actual economical benefits of bicycles are for society as a whole? Where else than in the Netherlands do you find the answer. Read more

Start cycling: 25 percent reduced risk of developing a heart disease

Everyone has that friend that doubts the health benefits of cycling. But now you finally have the scientific proof to state your case. And the evidence is even more convincing than you probably thought. Read more

''It makes cycling as easy as sitting in a chair!''

A part of Gazelle’s Dutch cycling culture is riding your bike to work. This year ‘s National Ride 2 Work Day showed more and more Australian people are starting to see the benefits of the commute by bike. So has Barbara from Perth, WA. She fell in love with her Gazelle Orange C7+ earlier this year and rides to work ever since. Read more

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