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The e-bike smile conquers Around the Bay

Around 200 people couldn’t stop smiling when they stepped of their bike at this year's Around The Bay festival in Melbourne. But it was not because they just finished the long iconic bike ride. It was the first experience with an e-bike that left them amazed. Read more

A bike for the next 20 years

Colourful lines are drawn on the map of the Gold Coast area. “Look,” says Juri while showing his self created logbook next to it. “This how we keep track of all the rides we have done on our e-bikes. We have done over 750 kilometers now." Read more

"People remember quality over price"

"We are still here after all these years" reads the sign in front of New Farm Bikes in Brisbane. 28 years to be exact. That was when Tina Quintner first opened the doors of her bike shop. Read more

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