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Inside Bosch's dealer camp

The growing popularity of e-bikes in Australia is causing some crazy work weeks lately for David Geen. Coming off an eventful summer, the regional technical associate at Bosch eBike Systems hosts dealer camps all over Australia. The goal? Educate e-bike dealers on the latest products and technology so they can offer the best riding experience to the bike rider. Read more

How the bicycle saves a city 250 million euros per year

You probably know cycling saves you heaps of money and has enormous health benefits. But do you ever wonder what the actual economical benefits of bicycles are for society as a whole? Where else than in the Netherlands do you find the answer. Read more

At the forefront of the e-bike virus

The bicycle shop has been around for 25 years. It is an institution in the cycling community in South Australia and well known for its wide range of road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. But you will find a new type of bike at the Bicycle Express in the heart of Adelaide now: the electric bicycle. Read more

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