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Back to the roots with the Gazelle Holland Festival

On Saturday 8 April Royal Dutch Gazelle is going back to its roots by sponsoring the Gazelle Holland Festival. The annual festival is making a return after a hiatus of three years. The Gazelle Holland Festival will be held at the Berwick Showground in Melbourne, and celebrates everything that makes Holland so amazing. From its typical foods to of course its bicycles. Read more

Save your bike: 5 tips how to lock your bicycle

Getting a new bike is one of the best feelings ever. And the last thing you want is to get it stolen. To help you prevent this from happening we put together five easy tips to keep in mind when locking your bike, including one from a former bike thief. Read, share, and don’t forget to lock your bike! Read more

Start cycling: 25 percent reduced risk of developing a heart disease

Everyone has that friend that doubts the health benefits of cycling. But now you finally have the scientific proof to state your case. And the evidence is even more convincing than you probably thought. Read more

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