Gazelle e-bikes

Dashing off to the shops, arriving at work relaxed or whizzing up a hill. With a Gazelle e-bike you will always have the perfect companion, from reliable everyday transport to a sporty escape valve. Our comprehensive range means you will always find an e-bike to suit you. And with trusty Gazelle quality you will be guaranteed years of cycling pleasure.

A Gazelle bike makes you feel like cycling.

Which e-bike will suit me? We will help you choose!

Acquiring an e-bike

What do you need to look out for?

With such a large range of e-bike on offer it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between them. We are happy to explain what you need to look out for when acquiring an e-bike. This means you can be sure of finding a Gazelle that suits you exactly, which is great, since a Gazelle will last a long time.

Bosch Middenmotor

Electric motor

Mid-mounted motor

With Gazelle you have a choice of a mid-drive motor. Mid-drive motors are by Impulse or Bosch. Each system has its own pluses

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Determine your range yourself

With Gazelle e-bikes it is up to you to determine how long you can enjoy pedal assistance. The smart design of the bikes allows you to choose from several batteries, regardless of the e-bike. This means you are sure to find a Gazelle to suit you. 

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Cycle computer

Insight into your cycling behaviour

The clearly laid out display on your Gazelle’s handlebar enables you to see all important information at a glance. How fast are you going? How far can you still go e-biking? How far have you ridden? Our displays provide the answers.

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Which e-bike will suit me?


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