Gazelle displays

Your personal cycle computer

Gazelle e-bikes are fitted with a display as standard. This enables you to see at a glance how far you have cycled, how much further you can go and how fast you are riding. And that is by no means all: with some displays you can easily navigate or even charge your smartphone. Gazelle thus offers a suitable answer for everyone.

Bosch display

Bosch display

You operate the clearly laid out centre display for the Bosch mid-mounted motor simply with your handlebar grip. This means you don’t need to shift your hands while operating it. The micro USB port enables you not only to charge your smartphone on the go, but also to navigate simply using the cycle computer. This is not only safer, but also more clearly laid out.

Impulse display

The standard display with your Impulse mid-mounted motor is positioned in the middle of the handlebar. You operate this clearly laid out centre display with the handlebar grip. This means your keep your hands on the handlebar at all times which is safer.

Midden display Impulse
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