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Gazelle. Ride like the Dutch

Gazelle has been part of everyday life for over a hundred years. The bike is an essential part of day-to-day living for the Dutch. We have been making our bikes now for 125 years as light, high-quality and comfortable as possible. Always reflecting on smart design and technical innovation. We make bikes that can take the occasional knock, but won’t be taken by a thief. Bikes you don’t mind being seen on.

Our e-bikes boast a low step-through and maximum pedal assistance. We build e-bikes that cut through the rush hour in 30 minutes. We take a peek into the future by building futuristic prototypes.

We are Gazelle and we make quality bikes. 275,000 a year. And we do so with great passion and complete dedication.

So you can ride like the Dutch

Royal Dutch Gazelle

Royal Dutch Gazelle employs around 350 employees at its factory in Dieren producing over 275,000 bikes a year. This makes Gazelle the market leader in the Netherlands as well as working hard at growing the organisation outside the country. Quality has been at the forefront, ever since we were founded in 1892. The Gazelle quality system was certified in 1996 to comply with the ISO-9001 standards.

We are proud of our “Royal” title, which was awarded to us by Princess Margriet in honour of our 100th anniversary in 1992, a distinction which further serves to cement our moral duty to continue to innovate, as well as remaining at the forefront with smart inventions to make cycling more enjoyable or easier.

Enjoy the open air, feel the wind in your hair and clear your head: cycling re-energises you. Ever since 1892, Gazelle has been producing the finest quality bikes that give the easiest and most comfortable ride possible. This is how Gazelle makes you feel like cycling every day!

“Royal” title

The centenary celebrations in 1992 coincided with the 8-millionth bike coming off the production line. What is more, Princess Margriet awarded the “Royal” title to Gazelle in honour of 100 years of existence, an honour which further serves to cement our moral duty to keep on innovating and to remain at the forefront with smart inventions to make cycling more enjoyable or easier.

At that time, one million bicycles were being shipped every 3 to 4 years. This led to a high point in Gazelle’s history came on 7 April 1999, the day Prince Willem Alexander put the finishing touches to the 10-millionth Gazelle.

Gazelle kept on going and on 31 October 2005 the 12 millionth Gazelle left the factory. Karla Peijs, the Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management at the time, was in attendance on that day to lend a hand with the Gazelle Easy Glider: the first Gazelle with electronic pedal assistance. The 13-millionth Gazelle was produced in 2008, with the 14-millionth soon to follow in December 2012. Princess Margriet carried out the final assembly of this 14-millionth Gazelle. Down-to-earth bike manufacturers that we are, we will simply keep on making safe, comfortable, sustainable as well beautiful bikes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is high on the agenda at Royal Dutch Gazelle. In everything we do, we ask ourselves what the impact will be on people, the environment, the product and society. In addition to this, we are constantly seeking new opportunities in the areas of sustainability and innovation, not only within our organisation, but also outside. Gazelle is always looking for appropriate solutions both within the organisation and in collaboration with others, which regularly leads to sustainable innovations.

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