Gazelle displays

Your personal cycle computer

Gazelle e-bikes are fitted with a display as standard. This enables you to see at a glance how far you have cycled, how much further you can go and how fast you are riding. And that is by no means all: with some displays you can easily navigate or even charge your smartphone. Gazelle thus offers a suitable answer for everyone.

Bosch Intuvia display

The LCD screen means you can always get a clear indication of your speed, distance travelled, travel time and current range. Bikes featuring the Bosch Intuvia display have 4 running modes: Turbo, Sport, Tour and Eco.

  • Turbo: direct and maximum powerful assistance up to the highest pedalling frequencies for sports cycling 
  • Sport: immediate powerful assistance for off-road and urban cycling 
  • Tour: steady assistance for long trips 
  • Eco: effective gentle assistance

Shimano Steps display

The standard display with your Shimano Steps mid-mounted motor is positioned in the middle of the handlebar. The compact Shimano Steps cycle computer boasts an easy-to-read display with high contrast. It enables you to monitor your speed, distance, assistance level and range constantly. It is easy and safe to operate with your handlebar grips.

  • High: powerful assistance for maximum boost
  • Normal: progressive assistance for a sporty ride
  • Eco: low assistance, but maximum range
  • Off: no assistance, but the display continues to provide important information.