Takes you everywhere

The Ami is like a good friend: he is always there for you and takes you everywhere. On this all-rounder you feel confident and safe. Time to go on an adventure together (again)! Afraid of cycling due to heavy traffic? Afraid you can't touch the ground with your feet when on the bike? Not with the Ami! Whatever reason you have to be insecure in traffic with the Ami this is no longer the case. Because you can always get both feet on the ground, you certainly feel comfortable on your bike and you can easily cycle in any situation.


Always reach the ground with both feet. The bike has 26 inch tires and a low entry, which gives you a safe feeling of getting on and off the bike. You always cycle easily, no matter what situation you are in.


The Ami is designed so that you feel stable and secure on the bike, but also looks good and modern! The bike has a light weight and the Shimano Steps mid-engine keeps your bike stable while cycling.


The Ami gives you a sense of freedom. He is always there for you and takes you everywhere you want to go. Move freely in the (busy) traffic and you can easily maneuver anywhere.


Thanks to the comfort sitting posture and the ergonomic frame, you are ensured of a comfortable ride. Thanks to the adjustable handlebar and seatpost you can set the bike entirely according to your wishes. With ergonomic handles and a gel saddle.

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