• Wide, low step-through frame to (patented) seat comfort
  • Everything under control with ergonomic handles and pedals
  • Highly adjustable brakes with soft-touch handgrips
  • Seat height and distance from saddle to handlebar individually adjustable
  • Lage brede instap 31 cm

Balance C7 HFP


Discover the Balance C7 HFP

The task for the engineers at Gazelle was: design a bike you can easily get on and off anywhere. And always with both feet on the ground. The result is the patented design of the Balance. A front wheel motor provides invisible assistance and ensures directional stability. Electric bikes don’t come any safer.

Panasonic front-wheel motor

Gazelle has a Panasonic found a proven partner. The Panasonic front-wheel motor is shaped compact that the Gazelle Hybrid models with Panasonic front-wheel motor looks like a normal bike. By a Gazelle e-bike with front-wheel Panasonic motor you can choose from four different batteries: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.


Our powerful battery provides excellent range

  • 238 Wh
  • Cycling up to 65 km
  • 317 Wh
  • Cycling up to 80 km
  • 369 Wh
  • Cycling up to 110 km
  • 486 Wh
  • Cycling up to 120 km

Battery specifications

Eco range
Normal Range
High range
Additional price (excluding disposal fee)
238 Wh
6,6 Ah
35-65 km
25-45 km
20-35 km
Price: This is included in the MSRP
317 Wh
8,8 Ah
50-80 km
35-60 km
30-50 km
396 Wh
11 Ah
65-110 km
45-80 km
40-65 km
486 Wh
13,5 Ah
70-120 km
55-95 km
45-70 km



Frame gender

Weight in kg.

24.9 kgs

Frame size cm



Frame description Special frame with a very low and spacious step-through. Providing the saddle height is right, the rider’s feet can always touch the ground properly, thanks to the unique geometry. Luxury level **** Frame material aluminium Weight in kg. 24,9 Colors of the bike panther black Fork material chrome-molybdenum Fork suspension type unsprung Handlebar description aluminium look, comfort curved model Saddle description Selle Royal Gipsy Chaincase description Plastic Rims Gazelle Balance, 24" Lock description ART ** certified


Engine model Panasonic (30Nm) Engine capacity 30 Nm Battery type Li-ion Display Model Panasonic LCD center Ebike sensors rotation sensor Max Speed (km/h) 25 km/h Battery location integrated into carrier Amount of support levels 3 Engine location front E-bike system Panasonic

Transmission & Brakes

Gears 7 Brake Front roller brake Brake Rear roller brake Front derailleur non applicable Rear derailleur non applicable Gear type hub