Electric bikes

Electric or e-bikes are here to stay in our streetscape. You see them go past in all shapes, colours and sizes. Gazelle offers a wide range of e-bikes with pedal assistance; you simply choose the best bike for your circumstances. Nothing is too way out for your e-bike from Gazelle. Carrying your shopping on the bike, commuting daily to work or cycling relaxed through hilly countryside. Whiz around everywhere with that extra boost. The Gazelle range offers something for everyone. From reliable daily transport to a sporty partner.

CityZen T10 HMB

CityZen T10 HMB
  • Bosch battery concealed within the frame and removable
  • Powerful Shimano disc brakes
  • Strong Bosch mid-mounted motor for even more mileage
  • Suspension front fork for extra comfort
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Orange C7 HMB

Orange C7 HMB
  • 7-speed gears
  • Progressive and powerful brakes
  • Bosch mid-mounted motor
  • Purion side display
  • Klassiek Orange design
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Grenoble C7+ HMB

Grenoble C7+ HMB
  • Extra-powerful and very quiet Bosch mid-mounted motor
  • Lightweight suspension front fork and seat post for optimum comfort
  • Wide tyres for optimum comfort
  • Integrated lighting with very bright light beam to see and be seen even better
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Electric bike

Everything you need to know before you buy an e-bike

With the weather – and especially the wind – it can be nice sometimes to get some extra assistance while cycling. This also holds true if you want to travel a long distance on your bike or even if pedalling gets more difficult. In such cases an e-bike is an excellent answer: optimum cycling pleasure with minimal effort and maximum assistance. But even if you don’t need added assistance per se, an e-bike can be the right choice. E-cycling makes it a little easier to get going and much more fun too!

Choosing the ideal e-bike can be quite a challenge. It is not an easy choice because there are so many models. With or without Walk Assist, front or rea motor, standard or high-power motor – which suits you best? You will of course want to be sure of what you are doing before going ahead with a purchase. After all, an e-bike carries a hefty price tag – it is an expensive purchase. But how do you get to grips with which e-bike meets your wishes and requirements? 

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