Gazelle CityZen

Takes you where you need to be

Gazelle CityZen is sporty bike with zest. A nimble bike that takes you to your destination effortlessly and fast. Every CityZen will stand out thanks to a unique combination of high-grade components. With its highly sporty look, minimalist design and low weight, you will cut a dash as well as being quick off the mark. 

Perfect commuter city bike

“Smooth and quick around town”

A CityZen is not an accessory, it is a lifestyle. Your lifestyle. Getting around town, going to college or to the gym rapidly and in style; the CityZen will get you where you need to be.


A nimble bike thanks to its light weight, yet stable and durable. Light, fashionable, sophisticated and swift: a bike for the commuter!

Minimalist design

With its direct handling characteristics, sporty saddle and fresh colour accents the CityZen is not only a pleasure to ride, it's also easy on the eye.


This sporty commuter city bike is also available as an e-bike. The CityZen C8 HMB or Speed Pedelec: CityZen Speed. A sporty and nimble bike due to the central positioning of its motor.