Gazelle HeavyDutyNL

The urban transport bike

Ideal for around town, this HeavyDutyNL. You can take it all with you on the robust front and back carriers, yet it provides easy riding thanks to the wide tyres. Together with a twin-leg kick stand and handlebar lock, this is Gazelle’s most fully-featured delivery bicycle. But if you want to make things even easier for yourself, this sturdy delivery bike is also available as an e-bike.

  • Strong
  • Stable
  • Complete


The frame and the front and rear luggage racks are made from cast-iron aluminium, ideal for around town. You will have no problem taking your heavy bag with you, either up front or behind. Alternatively, you can fit a crate up front to take your stuff with you.


Thanks to its twin-leg kick stand and the handlebar lock, your bicycle will stay upright, however much you’re carrying. You will still be stable even with a heavy bag up front. It is also handy if you have your kids with you in the child seats.


You can take everything with you on the front and rear carrier. Pedal effortlessly with electric assistance and cycle in comfort thanks to the wide tyres.

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