• Tough transport bike with invisible assistance
  • Effortless manoeuvring through the city
  • Safe loading thanks to double leg stand and handlebar lock
  • Available in black, always good
  • Opt for stylish Black or mat Sienna
  • Up to 100 kilometres of e-cycling



Discover the PUUR_NL+ C7 HFP

So at first glance the looks of a classic transport bike. But there the comparisons end. Because invisible to the eye, the Gazelle Puur has a powerful Panasonic motor in the front wheel. Seven gears and an aluminium frame. With its wide tyres it runs more easily and gives you extra comfort. And with its narrow front and rear carrier you can also get along well in the city jungle.

Panasonic front-wheel motor

Gazelle has a Panasonic found a proven partner. The Panasonic front-wheel motor is shaped compact that the Gazelle Hybrid models with Panasonic front-wheel motor looks like a normal bike. By a Gazelle e-bike with front-wheel Panasonic motor you can choose from four different batteries: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.


Our powerful battery provides excellent range

  • 238 Wh
  • Cycling up to 65 km
  • 317 Wh
  • Cycling up to 80 km
  • 369 Wh
  • Cycling up to 110 km
  • 486 Wh
  • Cycling up to 120 km

Battery specifications

Eco range
Normal Range
High range
Additional price (excluding disposal fee)
238 Wh
6,6 Ah
35-65 km
25-45 km
20-35 km
Price: This is included in the MSRP
317 Wh
8,8 Ah
50-80 km
35-60 km
30-50 km
396 Wh
11 Ah
65-110 km
45-80 km
40-65 km
486 Wh
13,5 Ah
70-120 km
55-95 km
45-70 km



Frame gender

Weight in kg.

26.6 kgs

Frame size cm

46 49 54 59


Frame description Stable, lightweight oversized aluminium frame with 65° headset angle and 66.5° saddle tube angle gives a comfortable posture and positive steering characteristics. Through its geometry and stability, also extremely suitable for heavy loads. Frame material aluminium Weight in kg. 26,6 Colors of the bike black Fork material chrome-molybdenum Fork suspension type unsprung Handlebar description aluminium look, generous bend Saddle description Selle Royal Witch Chaincase description Plastic Rims Zac 19, 28" Lock description ART ** certified


Engine model Panasonic (30Nm) Engine capacity 30 Nm Battery type Li-ion Display Model Panasonic LCD center Ebike sensors rotation sensor Max Speed (km/h) 25 km/h Battery location integrated into carrier Amount of support levels 3 Engine location front E-bike system Panasonic

Transmission & Brakes

Gears 7 Brake Front roller brake Brake Rear roller brake Gear type hub