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Gazelle wants to hear your story. We’re looking for Gazelle ambassadors in San Francisco, Portland (OR), Seattle, Brooklyn and Washington DC to ride a Gazelle EasyFlow with a Shimano Steps electric motor for about a month and report back how the experience positively impacted your life. Email us at and let us know why your story is a story worth sharing.

A month with the Gazelle Easy Flow

14th September 2018

I borrowed the Gazelle EasyFlow and after a month of riding it, I can confidently say: This bike is amazing! It hasn’t stopped making me smiling yet.

How do I feel after riding the Gazelle Easy Step for a month?

1st August 2018
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The Gazelle EasyFlow with the Shimano STEPS motor is easy to ride and powerful enough to go up any hill in Portland. The bike is very maneuverable, making it an excellent choice for city riding.