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Gazelle wants to hear your story. We’re looking for Gazelle ambassadors in San Francisco, Portland (OR), Seattle, Brooklyn and Washington DC to ride a Gazelle EasyFlow with a Shimano Steps electric motor for about a month and report back how the experience positively impacted your life. Email us at and let us know why your story is a story worth sharing.

Why everyone in San Francisco needs an eBike

23rd July 2018

Three months ago I moved from Amsterdam to San Francisco. As a Dutchie, I love riding bikes. I used my bike to go everywhere: my commute to work, to visit friends, do grocery shopping etc....

Gary and his Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB

19th July 2018
Bikes Gazelle Arroyo

For Gary Fujioka, Sr. it was a Wednesday like any other - until it wasn’t. At just after 1 P.M. working at the desk in his home office, he suffered a massive ischemic stroke, struck out of the blue with confusion, difficulty communicating and understanding, weakness and numbness. He soon found himself in the back of an ambulance rushing towards the hospital.