Electric Bike Displays

Gazelle electric bike displays

Your personal cycle computer

All Gazelle e-bikes come standard with a digital LCD display. This display enables you to see important information like your speed, distance traveled, range remaining and selected motor assistance level.

Bosch Intuvia display

The LCD screen makes it easy to see your speed, distance travelled, travel time and current range. Bikes featuring the Bosch Intuvia display have 4 running modes: Turbo, Sport, Tour and Eco.

  • Turbo: Maximum assistance
  • Sport: Intermediate assistance
  • Tour: Moderate assistance
  • Eco: Minimal assistance with maximum range

Shimano STEPS mid display

The standard display with your Shimano STEPS system has an easy-to-read screen with great contrast. This display provides information on speed, support level and range.

  • High: Maximum assistance
  • Normal: Intermediate assistance
  • Eco: Minimal assistance with maximum range
  • Off: No assist, but display remains active

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