Keeping Pace with the Group

April 9, 2018
Bikes Gazelle CityZen

For the past six years my husband and I have become increasingly involved in road biking here in the Santa Cruz and Monterey, California area. We’re lucky with our climate here in California and we can basically cycle throughout the year. We are also part of the Santa Cruz County Cycling Club and love riding with the club twice a week on their 30-mile rides throughout the Monterey Bay Area

Electric bikes

I sometimes struggled to keep up with my husband and the stronger cyclists on the rides. After some discussion, my husband encouraged me to get an electric bike so that I can better keep up with the group.

An electric bike with a sporty design

I was looking for a bike that could do 65 miles on a single battery charge, should I wish to do longer rides or participate in bike events.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a Gazelle electric bike in our local bike shop. I was born in the Netherlands and have known the Gazelle brand all my. I was also looking for an electric bike with a sporty design.  I did not want an Oma (Grandma) bike. Gazelle Bikes was the perfect choice. 

Keep the pace climbing

The Gazelle Cityzen T10 electric bike fulfilled all my requirements. When riding, I stick with the Eco setting most of the time. In this area, hills are unavoidable and I give the bike a boost halfway up a hill. I’m able to get two 30+ miles out of a single charge with probably an extra 15 to 20 miles left in the battery. I really love my Gazelle electric bike. I enjoy cycling and the time with the club so much more now when I’m not struggling to keep the pace climbing steep hills.

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