Tour Populair

The classic

The model that marked the start of Gazelle’s history has already proven to be timeless. Get on the Tour Populair and you’ll know why. The unique Gazelle classic!

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  • Tour Populair
  • Tour Populair
Tour Populair

The classic

The model that marked the start of Gazelle’s history has already proven to be timeless. Get on the Tour Populair and you’ll know why. The unique Gazelle classic!

Gazelle Tour Populair

The Tour Populair, the model that marked the start of Gazelle’s history. Over 125 years old, this bike won over the hearts of the Dutch and birthed Amsterdam’s bike culture. The eye catching design is known as a classic, and the black glossy paint gives the bike a clean and simple feel that is ageless. Seen on every street corner, the Gazelle Tour Populair is here for a good reason. 

The Tour Populair features a delightfully relaxing seating position that is made for urban commuting and riding. The 65° seat angle geometry takes pressure off of the upper back to promote good posture and reduce soreness. This timeless bicycle offers a stylish Brooks saddle to complete its unrivalled seating comfort. Gazelle Vario Comfort Leather handles allow for a secure grip for long rides. 8-speed gears make riding the Tour Populair a breeze, hills are no worry. Included is an AXA security lock for stress free bike parking while grocery shopping or grabbing a bite. The dutch bike design is smart and smooth for anytime riding. Enjoy the ride!


  • Delightfully relaxed seating posture
  • A robust steel frame with a steel luggage carrier and stainless steel rims
  • Optimum protection against theft thanks to the AXA security lock
  • Fitted with a traditional Brooks leather saddle


  • Type of gears hub
  • Number of gears 8
  • Frame description 65° seat angle geometry for very relaxed cycling posture
  • Frame steel
  • Frame size Diamond 57, 61, 66
  • Frame size Step-thru 51, 57
  • Weight (kg/Lbs) 22.9
  • Colour Diamond black glossy
  • Colour Step-thru black glossy
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  • Gazelle gives you no less than a 10-year warranty against material and construction defects on the frame and non-suspension front forks. This is obviously subject to the bike being treated, used and maintained normally. There is a 5-year warranty on suspension front forks. The paintwork on the frame and the front forks is covered by a 5-year warranty period. Components on your bike are covered by a 2-year warranty subject to normal use and maintenance.

    Please refer to the user manual received at the time of purchase for the exact warranty terms and conditions. You can also find this manual on the Manuals page. You can always refer to your Gazelle dealer for warranty assessments.

  • You are best going back to your Gazelle dealer. He is the cycle specialist you can go to with any questions you may have. In most cases he will be able to come up with a solution there and then. If this does not prove successful, he will contact the Gazelle Service and Warranty Department in order to resolve the issue.

  • If you are looking for a sporty bike, then the number of gears and its weight will play a part in your choice. A dérailleur gear system (with an exposed chain) offers the best capabilities in this regard due to the fact that it has a large number of gears available combined with low weight. If this sporty aspect is less important (in urban use for instance) then an enclosed chain case is a good choice. Good protection means these are low-maintenance systems. Slightly higher weight and fewer gears are of lesser importance in this case. Your Gazelle dealer can provide you with comprehensive information on this.

  • This is highly dependent on what you want to use the bike for. The weight of an average bike is around 45 lbs. This is an excellent weight for normal use.

    Sportive frames are a little lighter, ranging from 30 - 40 lbs depending on whether they are made out of carbon or aluminum.

    Electric bikes are a little heavier, ranging from 50 to 60 lbs. With the motor assist, most riders don't notice the weight difference.

  • V-brakes are the modern version of hand-operated brakes with brake blocks and provide excellent braking performance thanks to advanced design and large brake blocks. The use of modern plastics gives these brakes greater grip. The roller brake is a highly advances braking mechanism based on a drum brake system. This ensures superior braking performance, even in wet weather. It is an enclosed and well-protected system which means it is maintenance-friendly. It works by means of small rollers that apply pressure to the brake shoes in the brake drum, which causes the bike to brake.

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