Feel the energy of electric cycling

Cycling into a headwind or uphill isn’t always such fun. That’s why Gazelle is introducing a complete range of electric bicycles for every type of cyclist. With them you will enjoy every bike ride and keep going effortlessly. The innovative electric bicycles by Gazelle will give you just that little extra boost, to match the assistance you wish to have. Whether you are looking for optimum efficiency while touring across flat terrain or you need an electric bicycle with an extra powerful motor for hilly terrain, at Gazelle you are sure to find what you are looking for! Moreover the removable lithium-Ion batteries have an average range extending to as much as 265 km/165 mi (platinum battery) so you will always have energy to spare!

Nomination for E-Bike of the Year 2011
The nice thing about a Gazelle electric bicycle is that it isn’t obvious that it is an electric bike. The battery is subtly located under the luggage carrier and the compact electric drive is built into the front hub. It is not without good reason that Gazelle electric bicycles have been carrying off prize after prize for years. In 2009 the Chamonix Innergy was awarded the title of Dutch Bike of the Year and Test Winner in the Dutch Algemeen Dagblad newspaper, moreover in 2011 the Orange Pure Innergy was hailed as the favourite by test riders of the Dutch FietsActief magazine as well as being nominated for Dutch E-Bike of the Year.
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