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Whether you're looking for a little extra support or prefer to do the pedaling yourself: there's a Gazelle for you. In fact, there's a whole variety of them, ranging from stylish to adventurous, from supportive to powerful. Pick yours!




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Dutch comfort and style

Ride like the Dutch is a new way to ride your bicycle: in an upright, comfortable position with no back strain. This also represents an open attitude towards the world around you and the people in it. So it’s not only about comfort, it’s about attitude too. And who else can show you how to ride like the Dutch than the premium Dutch bicycle brand? A Royal Dutch Gazelle is the bicycle for you.

Limitless adventure

New smells, new colours. New places, new roads. You're ready for a new adventure. This gives you energy. And it will only get better if you experience it proudly. We've brought together design, power and precision in one design: the Gazelle Eclipse So you can focus on the world around you.

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