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Gazelle Paris C7+

Gazelle Paris

Gazelle Paris is a no-nonsense bike with the quality you can expect from Gazelle. It is a real all-rounder, comfortable cycling for a comfortable price. The comfort is mainly in the low and wide entry, you get on and off so easily. The upright sitting position and the stable lightweight aluminum frame give you a safe feeling on the road.


Gazelle Paris

Enjoyable cycling

With a Paris, what you see is what you get: a bike without any unnecessary frills. The base is a sturdy aluminium frame, equipped with a robust, mid-mounted Bosch motor. And all this at a good price.

The MIK system makes it easy to click bike bags and other accessories onto the rear carrier.
The bikes are fitted with a front suspension fork as standard for an optimal cycling experience.

High comfort factor

With the Paris, you're guaranteed a comfortable ride. This is primarily due to the frame's construction which offers you a comfortably upright position, a great deal of control and a clear overview. The instep is also wide and low, allowing for easy mounting and dismounting. The front fork suspension absorbs most of the bumps in the road surface, so, you won't be troubled by any vibrations.

Rigid frame

The Paris is known for the stability of its sturdy, durable aluminium frame, which has a number of benefits. Firstly, it offers good road-holding performance and a great deal of control. At the same time, the bike can be easily fitted with a child seat or loaded up with shopping. No matter what you use the Paris for, its performance is always outstanding.

Reasons to choose the Paris

Gazelle's designers have taken the e-bike back to basics: a rigid frame with a smooth-running motor at a good price. Its central, mid-mounted motor and low, wide step-through frame make the Paris a very comfortable bike. Simply put: it's everything you need for lasting cycling enjoyment, with the quality of Gazelle.

Watch the video for more specifications of the Gazelle Paris

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Paris C7 HMB

Typical Gazelle quality with 7 gears and accessible to everyone
navy blue
iced blue
From £2,079
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Paris C7 HMB

Paris C7+ HMB

Extra comfort via sprung seat post, powerful motor and adjustable handlebar stem
thyme green
anthracite grey
From £2,399
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Paris C7+ HMB

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