How to keep your bike roadworthy (and safe!)

24th July 2018
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A well cared for bike is easier to ride, more reliable, more fun and — crucially — safer, too. General routine maintenance also something that even the least technically minded rider can keep an eye on. Of course, if your bike has been hidden away in the shed for a year or longer, it’s worth taking it for a more extensive service at your local Gazelle dealer before using it in earnest again. However, if it’s only been a matter of weeks or months since you last had a spin, here’s a simple pre-ride checklist, which also acts as a perfect weekly check-up regime.

7 Steps To Cycling Safely In London

10th July 2018
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Although cycling is a lot safer than many non-cyclists appreciate, it’s not entirely risk-free. However, by following our seven simple steps, you can significantly increase your chances of riding happily ever after. And the best news is that your safety really is in your own hands. So here’s what you can do to manage it.