Our factory

Bikes made in the Netherlands

The Gazelle factory is located in Dieren. The location contains the factory but also the offices of various Gazelle departments. The factory radiates history from the outside, but the inside of the building is ultra-modern. This appearance is in line with our identity and qualities.

Curious about how our bicycles are made? Take a look at our factory below.

Factory tour

Visit our Experience Center in the Netherlands to find out all about our unique history. You will have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and learn more about how we design, test and manufacture our bikes. The workers in the factory will explain exactly how they manufacture the bikes as you walk along the walkway on the factory floor and enjoy a close-up view of the production process.

If you are interested in visiting our factory, please check our Dutch website for the opening hours.

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Paint shop

Check out the longest paint line in the world. Each bike is given 4 coats of paint, these coats are checked thoroughly for uneven coverage. We give the highest quality painting in the world applied in 6 hours. Beyond that has every Gazelle bike its own design applied by hand, which needs precision work.

Watch the video of our paint shop


The pre-assembly stage involves gathering together all the different parts. The front forks and the chains are custom made and the cables are threaded carefully through the frame. The final step is to fit a head badge to each frame to confirm its status as a genuine Gazelle.

See how we pre assemble our bikes

Wheel assembly

We make 300,000 new bikes each year, that means we need twice as many wheels. We put these wheels together ourselves.

See how me make over half a million wheels a year.


Our Assembly line is the most modern assembly line in the world. This is the part where all components come together. Step by step with precision and attention for detail around 30 assembly line staff fit and check every component. Once the bikes are ready, they're loaded onto the lorry to be delivered to your bike shop.

Watch how we create the perfect Gazelle.

Test lab

Quality comes first in all things we do, that is why we continue to test our bikes. We check if our bikes can handle anything because we are only satisfied when everything is right. Only a perfect bike deserves the name Gazelle.

Watch how we do more than 20 tests