E-bike battery

Are you a long-distance cyclist or do you regularly cycle shorter rides? How far you can cycle with an ebike largely depends on the battery. In other words, the battery of your electric bike. Are you curious about what types of batteries there are? And how long does a battery last? Then read on below.

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What types of batteries for an electric bike?

Batteries for electric bikes are available in all shapes and sizes. We use modern and user-friendly Li-ion batteries. Curious about what types of batteries are available on the market? We have listed a number of them for you!

Where is the battery of an electric bike located?

The location of the battery determines (together with the motor) where the center of gravity of the bike is. The battery and the motor together ensure that the weight of an ebike is about 6 kilos higher than that of a normal bicycle. With a Gazelle ebike, the battery can be in three different positions.

Different battery locations

Do you opt for a fixed or a removable battery?

A removable battery is ideal if you don't have a socket outside or in your shed. You can then easily remove the battery from the ebike and charge it indoors. Do you regularly use a bike carrier? Even then a removable battery is very useful. By removing the battery from the bicycle, you can easily make your electric bike a few kilos lighter. Do you want to offer your battery extra protection? Then it is best to choose a fixed battery. This is extra well protected by the frame, so you cannot lose the battery and the battery is less susceptible to theft.

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How long does it take to charge an ebike battery?

The charging time depends on the type of battery you choose. Fully charging a Li-ion battery takes on average between 5 and 9 hours. Ideal when you want to make a long bike ride. After a short break, you can simply continue cycling and enjoy the unique power of a electric bike!

What is the lifespan of an ebike battery?

In practice, the battery of an ebike lasts a few years. But did you know that you yourself have a large influence on the lifespan of the battery? The correct maintenance of a battery is crucial for its lifespan. Therefore, read the manual of your electric bike carefully. That way you know exactly how to get the most out of your bike's battery!

To keep the battery of your Gazelle bike in top shape, Herman has a few golden rules for you.