8 rules for maintenance of your bike battery

In order to enjoy your electric bike (and therefore also your bicycle battery) for as long as possible, it is important to maintain the battery properly. What can you do to achieve the maximum lifespan? Gazelle advisor Herman has drawn up eight "Golden rules" for the use of your battery.


Rule 1. Read the documentation

The user manual of your electric bike contains important information regarding the battery of your ebike and how you can best deal with it. The lifespan of a battery is mainly influenced by the nature and duration of use. Every lithium-ion battery ages naturally, even if it is not used.

Always read the accompanying documentation first or download the manual that belongs to your electric bike here.

Rule 2. Store battery at room temperature

It is best to store your ebike battery at room temperature, preferably between 10 and 20 degrees. So try to avoid very high (higher than 25 degrees) or very low (lower than -10) temperatures. This can significantly shorten the life of your battery. When cycling regularly in the cold, it is recommended to use thermal protective covers. Never store an empty or almost empty battery in a cold environment, this can cause deep discharge, making the battery unusable.

In the winter, only place your battery in your e-bike shortly before departure and do not put your e-bike in direct sunlight in the summer. Always charge the battery at room temperature and not when the temperature is below freezing.

Rule 3. Avoid a long-term full or empty battery

Are you not using your ebike for a longer period of time? Try to keep your battery charged between 30% and 70%. A battery that is completely full or completely empty wears out the hardest.

Check the charge status of your battery once a month. Is it below 30%? Then top it up briefly.

8 rules for maintenance of your bike battery by Herman, Gazelle specialist

Rule 4. Use the correct charger

Always use the charger that comes with your battery. Then you can be sure that your e-bike battery is charged correctly.

Rule 5. Clean carefully

Always remove the ebike battery from your electric bike before cleaning it. Prevent the electrical components from getting wet and do not place a direct water jet on them. Cleaning the plug terminals from time to time with a damp cloth will do no harm. You can also grease it lightly.

Rule 6. Remove battery for transport

Always remove your battery from the bike when transporting your electric bicycle. This ensures safe transport of your e-bike.

Rule 7. Never repair your battery yourself

Never repair your bicycle battery yourself if it is broken or needs maintenance. Always have these checked at a Gazelle store near you. The Gazelle dealer can check the condition of the battery with a diagnostic tool.

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Rule 8. Recycle the battery

Unfortunately, an ebike battery does not have eternal life. Is the battery of your electric bike at the end of its life? Then hand it in at a Gazelle store

8 golden rules to keep the battery of your e-bike in top condition.