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Bikes made in the Netherlands

Our passion for cycling started over 130 years ago and we never stopped creating comfortable bicycles that are build to last. We are always thinking about how our design can be smarter and the technology of our e-bikes even more innovative. Gazelle makes about 300,000 bicycles a year. Would you like to see how?


Royal Dutch Gazelle was founded in 1892. This marked the beginning of the Gazelle 'Rijwielfabriek', located at the very same spot where it stands proudly to this day: Dieren, Gelderland, the Netherlands. Worldwide, about 750 employees work every year to make 300,000 bikes. Gazelle is the market leader in the Netherlands.

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Why choose Gazelle?

Ride like the Dutch is a new way to ride your bicycle: in an upright, comfortable position with no back strain. This also represents an open attitude towards the world around you and the people in it. So it’s not only about comfort, it’s about attitude too. And who else can show you how to ride like the Dutch than the premium Dutch bicycle brand?

When it comes to the evolution of the Dutch bike, we at Gazelle have not only been along for the ride, we led the way. So, if you want to truly ride like the Dutch, ringing your bell, wearing your street clothes, transporting anything from groceries to kids and using e-power to make steep hills feel as flat as Holland, a Royal Dutch Gazelle is the bicycle for you.

Over 130 years of quality

Award winning

We have been making bikes for 130 years with a focus on quality and innovation. Every year, our e-bikes win awards in various independent bike tests.

Royal predicate

We are proud of our 'Royal' title, which was awarded to us by Princess Margriet in honour of our 100th anniversary in 1992. A distinction which even more motivates us to innovate to make cycling more enjoyable and easier.

Contribute to positive change

Sustainability is high on our agenda. In everything we do, we ask ourselves what the impact will be on people, the environment, the product and society. In addition to this, we are constantly seeking new opportunities in the areas of sustainability and innovation. Not only within our organisation, but also outside.

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International ride

We're not only active in the United Kingdom. You can also find our bikes in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy, and even in the USA, as our commitment to global accessibility continues to expand to new horizons.