Bike brakes

On a bike or an electric bike you can make a decent speed in no time. For example, you can quickly race over the road at 25 km/h on an ebike and even reach a top speed of 45 km/h on a speed pedelec. That is why it is important that your electric bike has powerful brakes. This way you can be sure that you are on the road safely! Read on to learn everything about the different ebike braking systems.

Gazelle Van Stael

Which type of brake system for a bike?

Whether you are a recreational cyclist or sporty cyclist, we always have a brakes that suits your needs. Don't have time to tinker with your bike yourself? Then a maintenance-free brake system is perfect for you, such as the roller brake or the hydraulic rim brake. Do you regularly cycle through the rain or is your ebike often outside? Then choose a braking system that can withstand a heavy rain shower, such as the disc brake. Below we list all the advantages and disadvantages of the different braking systems for you.

In this video we explain the different braking systems to you

Which braking systems does Gazelle have?

Coaster brake

The traditional back-pedal brake is almost non-existent on electric bikes. That is not without reason. With a coaster brake you can only brake the rear wheel. As a result, the risk of slipping is great. Our electric bicycles are therefore not equipped with a coaster brake, but only with one of the above safe and modern braking systems. The coaster brakes can be found on our Tour Populair, Esprit and Orange C7+.

Roller brake or drum brakes

Roller brakes are the modern version of the classic drum brake. With roller brakes, so-called "rollers" are pushed out in the middle of the wheel. This causes the wheel to come to a standstill from the core. The drum brake is one of the most common braking systems on ebikes.

Rim brake

With bike brake pads, better known as rim brakes or v-brakes, plastic blocks are pressed against the edge of the rim during braking. The braking surface is relatively large, so you can come to a stop in no time.

Hydraulic rim brake

With the hydraulic rim brake, brake pads are pressed onto the rim with the aid of oil pressure. This provides a powerful braking effect. The hydraulic rim brake is very reliable and can be found on the Grenoble C8 HMB.

Hydraulic brake disc

When you brake on an ebike with a disc brake, brake pads exert pressure on the metal disc next to the hub of the wheel. This braking system is powerful, reliable and performs perfectly in all weather conditions. Disc brakes are mainly found on sporty electric bikes and speed pedelecs, such as the Ultimate T10 HMB and the Ultimate C380 HMB.