Which type of gears for a bike?

The type and number of gears may not be the first thing that comes to mind when choosing the perfect bike. But did you know that the gears can influence the handling of your bike? Each type of gear has its own characteristics. What types of gears are available and how does this affect your bike? Read it here!


What type of bike gears are there?

The type of gear affects the riding behavior, maintenance and energy consumption of the bike. There are three different types of gears for bikes:

  • Hub gear

  • Stepless hub gear

  • Derailleur gear

Ebike with hub gear

The most popular gear system for bikes is the hub gear. This gear is completely incorporated in the hub of your rear wheel. As a result, almost no maintenance is required. That makes everyone happy! A typical hub gear is equipped with seven gears. This provides the ideal combination of convenience and sporty driving. With a hub gear, you stop shifting gears. So you can downshift when you are stationary.

What are the advantages of a hub gear?

  • Little maintenance required

  • No visible gears

  • You can also shift gears when the bicycle is stationary

  • Can be combined with a closed and open chain guard

  • What are the disadvantages of a hub gear?

  • Difficult to maintain yourself

  • The hub is relatively heavy

  • You cannot shift gears while pedaling

Electric bike with stepless gear

A stepless gear sounds ideal. But how does this work? With a stepless gear you do not have to deal with a fixed number of gears. The number of gears is infinite! By means of a rotary switch on the handlebar you determine how light or hard you pedal. This allows you to accelerate very gradually and intuitively. If you want to cycle completely carefree, choose the automatic stepless gear. You decide how fast you want to pedal and the technology automatically shifts for you!

What are the advantages of a stepless gear?

  • Switches completely by itself

  • Little maintenance required

  • No visible gears

  • You can switch while pedaling

  • Can be combined with a closed and open chain guard

What are the disadvantages of a stepless gear?

  • Difficult to maintain yourself

  • The hub is relatively heavy

  • Consumes more energy than a traditional gear

Ebike with derailleur gear

With a derailleur gear you have the right gear for every situation. Because of the different gears, a large number of gears are available. The bicycle chain is changed from sprockets by means of a switching mechanism. The mechanism and gears are mounted on the rear wheel. This type of gear is often seen on sporty electric bicycles, due to the low weight and the wide range of gears.

What are the benefits of a derailleur gear?

  • The system has a large number of gears

  • Easy to maintain due to the open chain guard

  • Light in weight

  • Great for mountainous terrain

  • It is possible to maintain and adjust it yourself

What are the disadvantages of a derailleur gear?

  • Sensitive to dirt due to the open chain guard

  • The system should be regularly readjusted

  • Shifting is not possible when the bike is stationary

  • Can only be combined with an open chain guard

How many gears do I need on my ebike?

How many gears you need mainly depends in which situation you will mainly use the electric bike. Do you drive a lot in the city and do you have to accelerate a lot from a standstill? Then a large number of gears can be useful. The lighter you can set the gear, the easier it is for you to cycle away and the less energy you will use from the battery. Do you cycle longer distances without standing still too much? In this case, you can also enjoy a fully charged battery with a smaller number of gears!

Enviolo gears

Shift smart with Enviolo gears. Enviolo manual and automatic gear hubs make shifting easier than ever. Are you wondering why? Then read on to learn all about these smart gears.

Stepless acceleration

Enviolo gears are toothless and stepless gears. Thanks to the modern technology applied to these gears, you can pedal while shifting, shifting from a standstill and skipping intermediate steps during shifting. This way you can enjoy your bike ride undisturbed. The Enviolo gears can be found on the Ultimate C380 HMB.

What are the benefits of Enviolo gears?

The Enviolo gears are very suitable for electric bikes. Curious about all the benefits? We list them for you:

  • Shifting while stationary

  • Switching without intermediate steps

  • Pedal while shifting

  • Maintenance free

  • Very smooth shifting performance

  • Long life

Enviolo Manual

Take control with the Enviolo Manual. With these manual gears you determine yourself which resistance you feel while cycling. By turning the stylish handle you can change gears without having to stop pedaling. Downwind or upwind, uphill or downhill, with the Enviolo Manual you can cycle everywhere with a big smile.

The Enviolo Manual can be combined with a Bosch mid-engine or Panasonic front-wheel motor.