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Electric bikes with Bosch mid motor

Do you want to be able to rely blindly on the quality of your e-bike? Then an electric bike with a Bosch mid-mounted motor is perfect for you. This motor is powerful and robust. This way you are assured of quality and you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. Would you like to know more about the Bosch ebike motor? Then read on!

Electric bikes with Bosch mid motor

Why a Bosch mid-engine?

It is not without reason that the Bosch mid-motor is one of the most widely used motor systems for electric bikes. This ebike motor has more than proven its quality in recent years. Due to the low placement of the mid-motor, every ebike with a Bosch mid-motor has excellent maneuverability and handling. Ideal when you cycle to work every day, do the shopping or go exploring outside the city limits. Are you a real adventurer? Even then you can rely on a Bosch mid-mounted motor to provide you with the perfect support during a long bike ride.

Why a Bosch mid-engine?

Which different Bosch ebike motors are there?

Bosch mid-motors are available in different versions: the Bosch Active Line and the Bosch Performance Line. The motors are all incorporated in the middle of the ebikes, but are aimed at different types of cyclists. So there is always a Bosch motor that suits your needs.

Bosch mid motor

Bosch Active Line (Plus)

This series consists of the Bosch Active Line and the Bosch Active Line Plus. Both motor systems are silent and light. These motorsystems are especially suitable for daily and recreational rides. The Bosch Active Line has a 40 Nm torque and the Bosch Active Line Plus with a 50 Nm torque. The number of Newton meters determines the strength of the motor. So are you planning to do hilly tours? Then the Ultimate C8+ HMB with Bosch Active Line Plus is definitely for you!

Bosch mid motor

Bosch Performance Line

Are you a sporty cyclist? Then you can indulge yourself with the Bosch Performance Line motor. This motor has a torque of 65 Nm, which gives you just a little more power. Ideal for long bike rides! Ebikes with the Bosch Performance Line react very quickly to the effort you put in. So you blast away at the red traffic light on the Ultimate T10 HMB with Bosch Performance Line. 

What is the range of a Bosch mid-engine?

How far you can cycle with an electric bike with a Bosch mid motor largely depends on the type of battery you choose for your ebike. When you choose a premium battery, you can cover the following distances:

  • With the Bosch Active Line you can cycle over 180 km.
  • With the Bosch Active Line Plus, you can cover around 170 km in Eco mode.
  • With the Bosch Performance Line you can cycle about 130 km.

Bike computers

Bosch displays

Electric bikes with a Bosch mid-motor have a Bosch bike computer. The operation of the bike computer is located next to the handle, so that you can pedal safely, but still easily change positions. The display placed on your bike can be a Bosch Purion, Bosch Intuvia or a Bosch Nyon display.

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Battery Bosch ebike

Location of the battery

If you opt for an electric bike with a Bosch system, a suitable battery is included. The location of the battery can differ per ebike with a Bosch mid-mounted motor. For example, it can be placed in the luggage carrier, on the frame or in the frame. At Gazelle you cannot choose where you want your battery placed. We have already done this for you.

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Which Gazelle ebikes have a Bosch motor?

Many Gazelle electric bikes use the high-quality Bosch mid-mounted motor. Looking for an ebike with a low entry? Then the Orange is ideal for you. Is the electric bike you are looking for not among them yet? Then take a quick look at our overview for all Gazelle ebikes with Bosch mid-motor.