Sportivity andcomfort in one bike
Medeo T10 HMB

Gazelle Medeo

The Gazelle Medeo combines the best of two worlds. The performance and style components are based on sports bicycles and the comfort and ease of use are derived from urban bicycles. The result is a comfortable sporty e-bike you can use to navigate smoothly through town and which is suitable for the longer road to work.


Gazelle Medeo

Manoeuvrable and sporty

The sleek lines in particular give the Medeo its sporty appeal. The Medeo is also extremely lightweight, particularly for an e-bike - that's another tick in the sporty column. The bike responds quickly to steering adjustments by the cyclist and the pressure applied to the pedals. And with the Bosch mid-drive motor, you'll always have powerful, silent support at your disposal, even if you come across an unexpected hill on your cycle route.

Thanks to the wide tyres and the front fork suspension, the Medeo tackles cobblestones with ease and provides excellent cycling comfort.
Shimano hydraulic disc brakes deliver swift, sharp braking in all weather conditions.

Ideal for the city

The practical finish and Gazelle’s selection of components ensure that the Medeo can also function well as a city bike. With the high-quality mudguards and gear case you don’t have to wear waterproof trousers to protect you from splashing water. What's more, the Medeo has solid front and rear lights, a fixed lock and a sturdy side stand. A bag or basket can be quickly mounted onto the luggage carrier. There are also, of course, rubber straps.

Best of both worlds

The Medeo offers the best of both worlds. When you're sitting on the bike and experiencing how it handles, its sporty qualities in particular really become apparent. But once you've parked up and step back to take a look at the bike, the typical influences of a city bike are what stand out. The Medeo has a lot of components that offer the comfort and ease of use of a city bike. So all in all the Medeo is a sporty, comfortable, versatile e-bike with a sleek finish.

Sportivity and comfort in the same bike

Medeo is a great bike if you're looking for an ideal balance between sportiness and comfort. With a sporty riding position, the bike is perfect for short and longer rides. The sleekly designed, robust and aluminum frame provides more manoeuvrability. This electric bicycle is supported by the powerful Bosch mid-mounted motor. The Medeo is equipped with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

Watch the video for more specifications of the Gazelle Medeo

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Medeo T9 HMB

Sporty, lightweight e-bike with 9 derailleur gears
champion red
ink blue
thunder grey
From £2,399
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Medeo T9 HMB

Medeo T10 HMB

Multi-purpose sporty model with 10 derailleur gears and wide tyres
turmeric yellow
pine green
From £3,099
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Medeo T10 HMB
Medeo T10 HMB

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