Do you prefer to do the pedaling yourself? We have many different bikes available without pedaling assistance, so there's one for you anyway. As different as some bicycles are, they always have one thing in common: all our bikes are of the best quality.

3 models
Gazelle Esprit

City bikes

Hit the road comfortably

  • Smooth-running
  • Comfotable seating position
  • For every daily ride
6 bike(s) within this modelDiscover from £629
Gazelle Van Stael

Retro bikes

The real classic

  • Timeless class
  • Character
  • Steel frames
2 bike(s) within this modelDiscover from £999
Gazelle Chamonix S11 T20

Trekking bikes

Your sporty companion on long tours

  • Many gears
  • Sporty mile-eaters
  • Active seating position
1 bike(s) within this modelDiscover from £1,199

Think about gears

Before you continue your search, it’s important to first realize how many gears you'll need. The advantages of having gears are clear: you’ll cycle up a hill easier, can shift gears when there’s headwind, and can accelerate quickly at traffic lights. Bikes with seven gears are particularly popular, but if you’re planning on cycling in the Ardennes or Alpes, you’ll probably want a few more gears.

Coaster brakes or hand brakes?

Bikes with hand brakes may be the most popular nowadays, plenty of Dutchies actively choose to have a bike with coaster brakes. Such a braking system using back-pedalling is extremely strong, barely breaks, and therefore doesn’t require much maintenance/upkeep. On hilly terrain that requires lots of braking, you’re best off choosing hand brakes. They’re able to handle more.

Test your bike first

Did you know that you can effortlessly test your bike at Gazelle? You can test our bikes at a Gazelle bike store.

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