Keep your e-bike clean

Regular bike cleaning helps to keep your e-bike looking beautiful and performing at its best! Cleaning your e-bike will help ensure your bike looks good and feels great to ride. It’s an easy job to do and gives you an opportunity to check your bike is in good condition as well as keeping it clean and shining.

What do you need to keep your electric bike clean?

  1. Unsecure the battery

  2. Get a bucket of water and bike wash

  3. Have a clean towel ready

  4. Bike lube and chain oil / e-bike chain cleaner.

4 easy tips to keep your e-bike clean

Medeo T10 HMB

1. Wipe down your frame with a sponge and soapy water

Use a soft brush and a dedicated bike wash to help loosen any dirt, be careful to rinse grit off gently so it doesn’t scratch your frame. You may need a degreasing spray on your chain and rear cogs if there is a lot of dirty oil on them.

2. Spray your chain with water dispersant

Use warm clean water on your sponge to rinse away the soap and degreaser then use a water dispersant spray, such as GT85, to make sure that your chain and rear cogs are lightly oiled. Be very careful to keep this away from your brake discs.

Medeo T10 HMB

3. Dry thoroughly with a towel

Use a clean towel to wipe down your frame and dry all parts, finishing with a wipe of your chain to remove any water and excess oil.

4. Pay attention to any electronic components

Make sure any components and connections are completely dry. A quick spritz of water dispersant spray around connections can help drive out any water that may accidentally have got in.

Always remember

  • Do not use a pressure washer

  • Dry all electrical components

  • Don’t neglect your bike

Any questions about maintaining your e-bike? Ask your Gazelle dealer.

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