How to charge an e-bike?

Make sure your bike is always ready for the next ride by charging your battery regularly. If you are unsure how to charge an electric bike: we have 6 easy steps to help you out.

Gazelle Eclipse

6 easy steps

1. Unsecure the battery

Using your battery case key unlock the battery and remove it from your bike. This is the first step in how to charge an electric bike.

2. Plug it into your charger

Make sure the battery is in a safe place to charge and that the connections are firmly pushed together.

3. Wait until the lights turn green

Once you have a green light you know the battery has charged properly.

Gazelle Eclipse

You're almost there

4. Slot the battery back in

Make sure it makes a good connection as you slot it back into place.

5. Secure

Use your key to make sure your battery is securely locked in place

6. And ride!

You are ready to go.