It just makes you feel so much better

February 23, 2018

It was at a lunch just over one-and-a-half year ago when Chris had a bit of a scare. He admitted being a little overweight at the time as he enjoys a good meal. However, he decided to take the shocking moment as an opportunity to get fitter. Fourteen months later, Chris has now ridden 10,000 kilometers on his e-bike.

In love with his e-bike

"I'm not the typical sporty person, but always had an interest in bikes and lately more e-bikes given my technical background. I did a lot of cycling when I was younger, but it is getting harder when getting a little older. You forget what you can't do."

So Chris happily popped in to Perth Electric Bike Centre when he saw the sign driving past. And with his resolution in mind it didn't take long before he jumped on the saddle again after all those years. "I went in, they were of great help, and one week later I had a new e-bike. I really liked the placement of the motor in the Gazelle as it gives the bike so much stability. It is built like a tank and so comfortable."

With the Orange treating Chris so well, it took him little time to fall in love with being on the bike again. "I almost go out for a ride everyday now. Sometimes even twice a day. I love to go for a ride around the lakes here. Usually I ride a 30 kilometer loop with the sunrise or sunset to avoid the heat. It just makes you feel so much better. Not only physically, but also mentally. It gives me exercise, a clear head, and fresh air."

Family activity

Chris was so convinced of the positive effects of the e-bike that he almost immediately got his wife an e-bike as well. "She does not ride as much as I do, but it is great to go out together and ride."

Where Chris' wife hasn't reached the impressive milestone of 10,000 kilometers yet, there is someone else who has: the family dog Maya. "Maya comes with me on all my rides as she enjoys the rides very much. She has been on the bike for all of the 10,000 Km and gets upset if I try to go on a ride without her."

Together they draw a lot of attention on the local cycle paths. And with that, people notice Chris' e-bike. "Sometimes people think that you don't have to pedal at all. But there is no free ride on an e-bike. You are doing the work."

Environmental friendly mode of transport

Riding an e-bike now for over 14 months, Chris recognises that riding an e-bike might be an alternative mode of transport for a lot of people. "I'm doing more kilometers now on my bike than I do in the car. It is just amazing how many kilometers you are doing and where it gets you."

In all of those kilometers Chris had a little assistance of mother nature. "I have got three solar systems at home. One of the off grid systems is dedicated to the Gazelle e-bikes. So all of the riding activity from my wife and I is done with off grid energy only!" 

With all the positives the bike brought Chris since the purchase, he'd find it hard to imagine not having it in his everyday life anymore. "I would really miss it. I simply enjoy a daily ride on the bike to keep me relatively fit and healthy. Using the e-bike at my age, 65, enables me to do this in a safe way."

So don't be surprised that by the time you're reading this, Chris is well on his way towards the 20,000 kilometers mark. Feeling physically and mentally fit.

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