Double pannier

Double pannier

Product overview

The Gazelle double pannier is ideal for errands and adventures large and small. With a carrying capacity of 37 liters, this accessory can handle bulkier loads and support longer trips on two wheels. With functional features such as a water-resistant material and hidden rain covers for each pannier, this practical powerhouse is smart and stylish. Specced with the MIK-mounting system, these bags lock securely to the rear rack, ensuring a safe ride for any and all cargo.

£109.95 - available in bike stores only

Available in different colours



  • Capacity37L capacity (18.5L per bag)
  • Mount systemMIK
  • Dimensions31 x 40 x 15 cm (2x)
  • Available coloursBlack/Green, Grey/Blue, Black/Blue
37L capacity (18.5L per bag)
Mount system
31 x 40 x 15 cm (2x)
Available colours
Black/Green, Grey/Blue, Black/Blue