Electric bike brake system

Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB

Which brakes do you choose for your electric bike?

As you can imagine, a powerful brake system is not an unnecessary luxury on an electric bike. Thanks to the pedal assist function (which takes you up to 25 kilometers per hour), you will be flying effortlessly, so it is important to be able to stop easily both at low and high speeds.

An electric bike has a powerful brake system in the form of a freewheel brake and/or hand brakes. Nowadays, there is only one electric bike that still has a freewheel brake. Most electric bikes have one (or a combination) of the following hand brakes:

Hydraulic disc brakes

With this type of brake system, braking occurs by applying pressure (oil-based) to the disc that sits in the wheel hub. The effect is powerful, regardless of weather conditions, but the disc is very sensitive (for example, it is sensitive to corrosion or can squeak). Disc brakes are used on slightly more expensive e-bikes, usually on the sport versions.


  • Shortest braking distance.

  • Low weight and sporty appearance.

  • The braking force can be applied gradually.


  • Disc brake systems are sensitive and thus a little vulnerable.

  • This brake system may require some maintenance.

  • Sensitive to corrosion and can squeak.

Hydraulic rim brakes

Several of our electric bikes are equipped with hydraulic rim brakes. With this variant, the brake blocks are applied to the rim through oil pressure, providing powerful braking.


  • Very short braking distance.

  • Large braking force with little effort.

  • Reliable braking system, where the brake blocks provide very good grip.

  • Gradual function.


  • The rims may wear over time.

  • Brake blocks need to be replaced regularly due to wear.

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