Child seats for e-bikes

It sounds so exciting: going on a bike ride with the whole family on a Sunday. Or riding your kids to school on a bike. You already know that a child seat fits on a regular bike, but can you put a child seat on an e-bike? And is it safe to ride an e-bike with a child seat? We will explain it to you.

Gazelle Bloom

A child seat on your e-bike. Is it safe?

On an e-bike, you zoom past everyone else. After all, you ride much faster on such a bike than on an ordinary bike. That's why it's important to adjust your speed when transporting a child on an e-bike. It's also essential to mount the child seat according to the instructions so you can be sure that the seat is securely attached to your bike and that your e-bike with children is also safe. Even though transporting children may seem more strenuous, at least you burn a lot of calories in your daily routine. Cycling with your kids and running errands will be a party with an e-bike such as the Gazelle Bloom.

Installing a child seat

Regardless of which child seat you choose, we can recommend the MIK carrier:

  • Found on many Gazelle e-bikes today

  • MIK HD carrier is an extra strong carrier, capable of supporting up to 30 kg

  • It is extra strong, especially for child seats with double protection

  • This system also allows for easy exchange of other accessories, such as luggage bags

  • The installation is safe and easy

Scroll down for more tips on front or rear seats. If you're still unsure, simply visit your Gazelle dealer and get advice on how to ride an e-bike safely with children.

Child front seat for e-bikes

If you have a small child weighing no more than 15 kilograms, you can attach the seat to the front of the bike. A front seat is usually attached to the stem.

You should also consider where the motor of your e-bike is located. Do you have a front-wheel motor and also want to attach the child seat to the front of the bike? Then the likelihood is high that the steering with all the weight on the front of your bike will be much heavier.

Child rear seat for e-bikes

If the e-bike display is located on the handlebars, it may be easier to purchase a rear seat. This way, you can easily read the display, and your little travelling companions cannot operate the bike computer.

Most child seats that are mounted on the rear of the bike are suitable for children weighing between 9 and 22 kilos. It is important that there is enough space between the luggage rack and the seat so that you can attach the child seat to it. For some e-bikes, the battery is located in the luggage rack, so the seat must be mounted with an adapter.

Maximum weight for the luggage rack

Since many e-bikes have a battery in the luggage rack, it makes sense to consider its maximum weight. This weight is often indicated on the luggage rack itself.

Can your luggage rack carry a maximum of 25 kilograms? Then you can load it with about 21.5 kg (child seat + child). With an e-bike with an MIK luggage rack, the maximum weight is already a bit higher at 30 kg. So, you can load it with up to 25 kg.

Make sure that you still have access to the charging port after installing the child seat. This will save you a lot of hassle each time!

Assembly of a child seat? Choose the family bike

An electric family e-bike or electric cargo bike is perhaps the nicest way to take your children along with an e-bike. The Makki Load cargo bike is particularly suitable for this purpose. These bikes have the same features as a normal family bike, only with electric pedal assistance.

In addition, there is extra space between the handlebars and the saddle, so a front seat fits easily in between. The sturdy luggage carrier of this e-bike is also perfect for mounting a child seat, and your bike stands stable thanks to the double stand and handlebar lock. When it comes to your child, safety is of course paramount when riding an e-bike with children!

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