City bikes

Biking in the countryside, to work, or to do your daily groceries; with Gazelle city bikes you’ll enjoy every ride! We have the perfect bike for every biker. From light city bike to cargo bike, from transport bike to allround city bike. Travel through the city in style with a lifestyle bike or on a trendy transport bike with cool, wide tyres and a robust frame.

A city bicycle should be able to be put to use everywhere. To do groceries with, cycling to work and a scenic bike tour of the countryside. To fit your dynamic life Gazelle has a city bike that are suitable for every situation. No frills, just a great bike; with Gazelle quality. 

Set Descending Direction

    Hit the road comfortably with a Gazelle city bike

    City bikes are especially designed for your daily activities. Cycling to school, to work, or to pick up some groceries: with this sturdy bike it’s all a piece of cake. A city bike is known as the most popular city transport for a reason!

    A sporty city bike: not just for the city

    Roadblocks in the city or windy dune roads: with a lightweight city bike they’re easily navigated. The smart design of the lightweight city bike offers maximum comfort. Because of the low weight this model is easily manoeuvrable. They’re ideal if you are often on the go or if you often store your Dutch city bike in a bike shed. Our city bikes are light and not only have a feather light aluminum frame, but also have lightweight parts. That makes it the ideal sporty city bike, not just in the city.

    Women’s and men’s city bike

    Going to work, doing your everyday shopping or a bike ride in the countryside; you will enjoy every trip on bikes by Gazelle. Gazelle city bikes are smooth-running, comfortable and equipped with everything you might expect of a high-quality bike. High-quality materials mean our bicycles need little maintenance and give you carefree enjoyment. It is only with a city bike by Gazelle that you really feel like cycling. Women’s or men’s, a suitable bike for every occasion!

    Light and allround city bikes by Gazelle

    Light bikes make every bike ride more comfortable, both in weight and ride experience. Because our city bikes are built using lightweight parts, they’re much more comfortable than regular bikes. To suit your dynamic life, Gazelle has the best city bikes that fit every situation. For your daily groceries, cycling to work, or making long bike trips in your leisure time.

    Our allround city bikes

    Gazelle only uses high quality and robust materials during production, making every Gazelle able to be thoroughly used without breaking. Your Gazelle bike won’t need much maintenance and will last longer. With a Gazelle bike, you’ll have a light cycling experience due to the low weight. With the standard set of gears on your Gazelle city bike, you can change the resistance on your bike. Ride comfortably in every situation!

    Holding down the dynamo light against the tyre to get it working? Forgot your clip-on LED bike light? That’s all in the past with a Gazelle bike. Smart sensors in your bike know when it’s dark and will automatically switch on the bike lights, meaning you’ll always have perfect sight and makes you visible to other road users!

    Test a city bike

    If you’re still unsure, go to one of our bike shops and the Gazelle-adviser would like to help you choose your city bike.