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Gazelle Easyflow

Gazelle Easyflow

Fully relaxed cycling starts with getting on your bike easy. The wide, low step-through makes this possible. When you sit on the saddle you are still able to put your feet on the ground. And then set off cycling with a comfortable - upright - sitting position. The powerful motor springs into action as soon as you cycle away. Just touch the brakes slightly to come to a quick and safe stop: with both feet on the ground.

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Easyflow C7


The Gazelle Easyflow has been designed to the last detail for stability and control. The low centre of gravity and the position of the saddle, pedals and handlebar allow you to put both feet on the ground while still sitting on the saddle. Thanks to the low and wide step-through, getting on and off is child’s play. With the side display, you always have your speed and range under control.

When it’s not as easy to look behind you, the steering mirror is a godsend.
Thanks to the MIK rear carrier, you can easily attach bike bags to store everything you need.


With the Gazelle Easyflow you always safely reach your destination. Anti-slip pedals provide grip while cycling. Powerful brakes ensure the shortest stopping distance. The powerfull light ensure that you see everything whilst also remaining clearly visible. With the rearview mirror you can always see what is happening behind you.


Sitting upright means cycling comfort and automatically seeing far in front of you. You have a good view on the traffic and will be able to respond to it accordingly. The wide tyres, ergonomic grips and the soft saddle will enhance the best comfort level. The smooth and powerful assistance gives you that extra boost. No hill is too steep any more! With the MIK carrier system you can easily click bicycle bags or baskets. In this way you can take your stuff safely with you.

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Gazelle Easyflow

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