Gazelle Bloom

Sturdy family bike

What you really want is a bike that lasts a lifetime. A sturdy family bike, on which you can cycle easily and comfortably under all conditions, but also with all your shopping and one or two children. It’s a bike you can ride all day long. In a word, Gazelle: safe, comfortable and in a striking design

  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • E-bike

Family bike: Bloom

Ellis, Designer at Gazelle, tells you all about the new electric family bike Bloom HMS.

You want a bike for life, don't you? A sturdy family bike that you can ride effortlessly and super comfortably on any condition: alone, with all the shopping and one or two children. A bike that you can take anywhere. Totally Gazelle: safe, electrically supported and with a striking design.


Hop on and off easily thanks to the extra space between the saddle and the handlebars. This means you can take the little one with you in the child seat and steer you way easily through the traffic.


Extra stable thanks to the twin-leg kick stand and handlebar lock. It feels really safe with your kids in the front and rear child seats and heavy bags on the carrier. It has never been easier to carry your shopping. It’s handy when you go and pick up the kids after work, too.


For even more comfort, the Bloom is also available in an electric mid-mounted motor variant. Nice and convenient.

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