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For every journey

If you want to go by bike. Then choose the Chamonix. Whether for the daily commute to work or that pleasant bike trip during your holiday. Whatever your plans, it's by bike! As you use the Chamonix for various purposes, we have ensured that the bike is as comfortable as possible. And all this with an active lifestyle look/And all this in an active lifestyle package/And all this with a sporty look.

  • Great comfort, with a sporty look.
  • With or without assistance
  • Battery choice up to 630 Wh.

Comfortable with an active look

Typical Chamonix? A comfortable bike in an active jacket. The Chamonix is a bicycle for everyone who uses the bicycle as much as possible. From commuting to work, to daily shopping. The weight distribution is optimal with the Shimano mid-motor and the integrated battery in the down tube. The bike has a unique adjustable stem that you can easily adjust to your needs without tools. Want to see more specifications? Watch the video.

Great comfort, with a sporty look.

As the Chamonix can be put to many uses, comfort is very important. But that is not to say that it doesn't have a sporty as well. The wide tyres, the comfortable saddle and the front fork suspension effortlessly absorb bumps on the road.

With or without assistance

The Gazelle Chamonix family consists of three electric bikes and five Chamonix bikes without assistance. Are you looking for a comfortable bike with many gears for a fun tour in the hills or a maintenance-free bike for your daily commute? With or without pedal assistance? There is a Chamonix for everyone!

Battery choice up to 630 Wh.

The electric Chamonix models have a powerful Shimano STEPS 6100 mid-mounted motor. Suitable for all trips that you make with the Chamonix. And if you go almost everywhere with your bike, you can opt for a battery with an extra large capacity. Because with the 630 Wh battery you can continue to cycle endlessly.

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