Grenoble C7+ HMB Elite

Expect the unexpected

The Grenoble C7+ HMB has every right to call itself Elite.  It is actually the most advanced bike in the Gazelle collection. This is thanks to a number of different features: the Grenoble C7+ HMB Elite comes with the Platinum battery for example, which is rated at 500 watt-hours. Positioned in the mid-point of the Elite, it guarantees perfect weight distribution. This in turn contributes to optimum roadholding and balance. The design and all the high-grade components come together to create a highly comfortable cycling experience. It is nimble, in balance and eye-catching. To increase safety, the front and rear lights are integrated into the mudguards. They’re not just functional but look good too. The Fendervision LED lights are also visible from the sides.

Everything comes together in the Grenoble C7+ HMB Elite. Anyone who tries out this beauty themselves will soon discover why the word “Elite” is well-earned for this model.  


Optimum weight distribution with its integrated Bosch battery

The battery is located in the middle of the bike, thus achieving perfect weight distribution. Optimum roadholding is the result, you take bends with ease, staying in control at all times. This makes for a very smooth and comfortable ride.

With the Grenoble C7+ HMB Elite you just want to keep on cycling. That’s why this bike is only available with a 500 watt-hour Platinum battery that also maximises the Grenoble’s range. The battery is longer fitted in the luggage carrier, which makes it easier to use pannier bags, a basket or child seat.

In balance

Exemplary roadholding thanks to frame design

The frame provides a perfect sitting posture and comes from the same family as our popular Orange. The typically Dutch upright seating position keeps your posture ergonomically correct: it relieves the pressure on your shoulders, wrists and hands. This upright posture ensures you can go longer without tiring in addition to giving you a better view of the traffic.

The uniquely rigid front fork provides a consistent cycling experience and soaks up any bumps in the road surface perfectly. The suspension seatpost also contributes to a pleasant cycling experience.


Clearly visible thanks to Fendervision 50 lux lighting

The Elite features the innovative Fendervision lighting. Powerful LEDs are not only highly visible from the front and rear but also from the sides. This contributes to road safety. The Magura rim brakes are very powerful, but thanks to their hydraulic operation, braking action feels very light and direct. 

The cables are neatly concealed in the frame, so they are out of sight and protected from wear. Anyone giving the Grenoble C7+ HMB Elite a try will soon discover for themselves that this model is worthy of the name Elite.

Comfortable, rigid frame

Suitable for all types of cycling tours

The Grenoble is known for its comfortably wide and low step-through. 

The frame is very rigid, which ensures excellent cycling comfort with as little energy loss as possible.