Gazelle Tour Populair

The real classic

The Tour Populair is the real classic among bikes. This is where it all began. Steel tubes curved into an indestructible and iconic frame and fitted with steel mudguards styled throughout. Did you know that the lines on the mudguards and the head tube are still painted by hand at our factory in Dieren? Craftsmanship and a love of bikes combine in the ultimate classic, the Tour Populair.

  • Character
  • Relax
  • Robust


Styled throughout, down to the last detail. An inlaid head tube, lines on the mudguards, authentic varnished fabric and even the white mudguard section: you can feel that it’s full of character.


These granny bikes are strong, robust and feature a sturdy frame. You will still find the so-called ladies’ step-through in the frame. This curve in the down tube makes it easy to get on the bike and gives you a delightfully relaxed posture.


Gazelle has been making bicycles for more than a century, and the granny bike is still part of the range today. This bike is solid, timeless and will last for generations. The combination of classic elements with modern technology make these bicycles very popular.

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