Gazelle Ultimate

Ultimate feeling of freedom.

This bicycle lets you make the most of enjoying your leisure time. And it goes just like it looks: super comfortable and boasting a sporty look. Characterised by its innovative and dynamic design, the Ultimate is a feast for the eyes. The Ultimate is the best that Gazelle has to offer. Discover it for yourself.

  • Dynamic design
  • Integrated battery
  • Wide 47 mm tyres

Designed for ultimate freedom

This bike has everything to give you the ultimate feeling of freedom. Riding a Gazelle Ultimate is a real pleasure. In an active sitting position, you look around you and you sit stable due to the rigid frame and the smart weight distribution. The Ultimate is finished with high quality parts. The suspension fork and wide tires provide optimum comfort while cycling. With the powerful hydraulic disc brakes you stand still immediately. That is also allowed with the powerful Bosch mid-mounted motor. Watch the video for more specifications of the Gazelle Ultimate.

Dynamic design

A dynamic contemporary design combined with the integration of components give the Ultimate a striking yet stylish presence. Cables are subtly integrated within the head tube, and you almost forget that this is an e-bike due to the unique integration of the motor and battery. This fast e-bike is also available in a Speed Pedelec model.

Integrated battery

The Ultimate always comes with a 500wh intube battery. The powerful Bosch motors are positioned in the mid-point of the Ultimate, guaranteeing a perfect weight distribution. The Ultimate is delightfully stable on the road thanks to a low centre of gravity and the stiffness of the frame.

Wide 47 mm tyres

The wide 47 mm tyres, front fork suspension and the ergonomically shaped handlebar grips bring the comfort to an unparalleled level. Sports cycling has never been so comfortable.

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