Gazelle Van Stael

Van Stael it is!

Everything about this bike exudes speed and authenticity. Steer this retro racer quickly and smoothly through busy downtown traffic on your way to a freshly brewed spicy latte on a sunny terrace. A steel bike: it makes your heart beat faster, doesn’t it?! The power that the rigid frame radiates, with its slender tubes converging into retro lugs. The gleaming steel mudguards. The retro racing tyres. The leather Brooks saddle and authentic handlebar grips. Even a steel bell. Everything about the Van Stael is just right. Relive old times like never before!

  • Retro
  • Details
  • Lightweight


Super cool retro bike. The steel frame, inspired by the 1915 vintage Tour de France model, combines nostalgia with modern styling. This bike exudes speed and authenticity!


The Van Stael is fitted with a Brooks saddle and matching grips which give the Van Stael its unique look. Its slender tubes converging into retro lugs, the gleaming steel mudguards and the retro racing tyres: everything about this fast city bike is just right!


Despite the steel frame, this bike weighs remarkably little; just 14.2 kg. This makes this bike a hugely fast and very nimble racer. The Van Stael is made to get you across town quickly and easily. To be seen with.

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