• Enjoy a carefree ride with the Shimano Nexus 5 gear hub
  • The belt drive requires little to no maintenance
  • Maximum braking performance in all weather conditions
  • Integrated lighting makes you easier to see

Discover the Ultimate C5 HMB

Whether you're on a weekend recreational trip, your daily commute to work or simply riding into the city centre, the Ultimate C5 HMB is prepared for every scenario. The excellent road holding delivers an effortless ride. The Bosch Performance Line motor, Shimano Nexus 5 gear hub and the belt drive enhance comfort and require little maintenance.

Available in 2 color(s)

No need to worry about maintenance

No need to worry about maintenance

Maintenance is not a worry with the Ultimate C5 HMB because it features the Shimano Nexus 5. This gear hub is specially designed for e-bikes and is therefore highly resistant to the tensile force of the powerful mid-drive motor. You can rack up the kilometres without giving it a single thought.

Belt lasts up to five times longer

Belt lasts up to five times longer

The Ultimate C5 HMB has a Gates belt drive rather than a standard chain. This brings a number of benefits. You don't have to lubricate it, which means it doesn't attract dirt. The belt is also lighter than a chain and runs quietly, even when the e-bike is fully loaded. And last but not least: It lasts three to five times longer than a chain, making it a sustainable choice.

Controlled, safe braking

Controlled, safe braking

With an advanced e-bike like the Ultimate C5 HMB, you want to be able to brake safely without thinking about it. Hydraulic disc brakes are therefore indispensable, as they provide the braking power and the precision for controlled braking at all times. And that includes when it's raining or the roads are wet.

Maximum safety in the dark

Maximum safety in the dark

If you use the bike at dusk or in the dark, you obviously want to see and be seen. After all, road safety is always a priority. The Ultimate C5 HMB is ideal for this too. You'll be noticed by other road users and have a perfect view of the road ahead. You turn the lights on and off using handlebar controls.

Our powerful battery provides excellent range

Platinum Diamond
130 km 155 km
500 Wh 625 Wh
13,4 17,4
130 km 155 km
75 km 95 km
60 km 70 km
50 km 65 km
Price: This is included in the MSRP £170.00

Bosch Performance Line (75Nm)

The Bosch Performance Line gives you everything your cyclist's heart desires. Smooth and powerful assistance that will never let you down. With 75 Nm torque you can handle any terrain. Highly recommended for the demanding cyclist.

Accessories for Ultimate C5 HMB

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    Frequently asked questions about the Ultimate C5 HMB

    How does an electric bike work?

    An electric system consists of a number of main components:

    • The battery: integrated into the luggage carrier or located behind the seat tube (depending on the model);
    • The motor: built into the frame at the bottom bracket;
    • The display: fitted on the handlebar;
    • Sensors: every electric system has a speed sensor, which as its name suggests, measures how fast the bike is being ridden. In addition, riding behaviour is determined by a rotation sensor or a pedal force sensor depending on the model. The Impulse system in addition has a fourth sensor, namely the shift sensor. This sensor cuts out assistance for a quarter of a second while you are shifting which enables you to keep on pedalling while shifting.

    Together the sensors determine the amount assistance provided by the motor based on your assistance level setting and the pedal force you are applying. You set the assistance level yourself using the handlebar grip control.

    How does an electric bike work?

    Which factors affect range?

    Range is dependent on various factors. Thus, the speed at which you ride the bike will have a major impact. See below for the average range at various speeds. In addition to speed, there are order external factors that affect the range. The range advertised in our brochures and manuals is based on averages. Thus, it is assumed that the average rider weighs 70 kg, cycles on relatively flat terrain and shifts gears actively. Below you will find that leading factors that affect range:

    • Weight. The total weight of the bike, the rider and load will affect the range. 
    • Gear-shifting behaviour. Actively shifting gears increases the range. Just like a car, when setting off from a standstill, you should start in the lowest gear. Never start in the highest gear; this will adversely affect your range. 
    • Type of sensor. E-bikes are fitted with a pedal force sensor or a rotation sensor. A pedal force sensor amplifies your own effort whereas a rotation sensor only provides assistance while pedalling. Put another way, the rider will always get maximum assistance with a rotation sensor, which results in less range. 
    • Type of read surface. The surface over which you are cycling has a substantial effect on your range. Thus, cycling along an unpaved road surface will reduce your range. 
    • The weather. Cycling with a tailwind or into a headwind will increase or reduce your range. Temperature will also affect it. Thus, at extremely low temperatures (< o degrees) the battery is able to store less energy, which reduces the distance you can cycle. 
    • Hilly terrain You can cycle further on flat terrain than in the hills. The magnitude of the impact will also depend on the type of electric system. Thus, a mid-mounted motor is better suited to hills due to the motor’s thermal stability.
    • Tyre pressure 

    In view of the fact that you will probably experience a number of the abovementioned factors, here are a number of examples of the magnitude of their impact;

    • If you are cycling on good tarmac in a hilly area and you weigh 95 kg, then you may well find your range reduced by up to 20% compared to what is shown for the average range. 
    • If you are cycling into a strong headwind, it can make a difference in range of up to 40%. 
    • If you are cycling along an unpaved road, it will make cut your range by around 30% compared to cycling on tarmac.

    Specifications of Ultimate C5 HMB


    • Gear system description 5-speed Shimano Nexus
    • Engine model Bosch Performance Line (75Nm)
    • Brake system hydraulic brakes, 2 piston
    • Model Ultimate
    • Colorname anthracite grey, denim blue
    • Fork suspension type internal to headset


    • Model Ultimate
    • Colorname anthracite grey, denim blue
    • Segment Electric bicycles
    • Sitting position Active

    Frame & Fork


    • Frame shape High-step, low-step
    • Size 46, 49, 53, 57, 61, 65
    • Frame description Stable aluminium frame with 70,5° headset angle and 71,5° saddle tube angle for sporty cycling characteristics. Battery, motor and cables harmoniously integrated into the frame. High-quality finish with attention to detail.
    • Frame material Aluminium
    • Cabels integrated Yes


    • Fork material Aluminium
    • Fork suspension type internal to headset
    • Travel Fork 40 mm

    Wheels & Tires


    • Wheelsize 28"
    • Rims Dutch 19, Double-walled aluminium for extra strong and efficient cycling performance
    • Spoke description Stainless steel, extra strong
    • Front Hub Shimano
    • Rear hub Shimano Nexus, 5 speeds, freewheel


    • Tires Schwalbe Energizer Plus
    • Tire color black
    • Tires puncture resistant Yes
    • Tire Size ETRTO 50-622

    Brake & transmission


    • Gear system description 5-speed Shimano Nexus
    • Gear type hub
    • Gears 5
    • Front chainwheel 46
    • Rear chainwheel 34
    • Shifter Shimano Nexus 5


    • Drivetrain Belt


    • Brake Front Disc brake with hydraulic control
    • Brake Rear Disc brake with hydraulic control
    • Disc brake rotor size front 180 mm
    • Disc brake rotor size rear 160 mm
    • Brake system description front Magura CT4, 2 piston
    • Brake system description rear Magura CT4, 2 piston
    • Brake lever description Magura CT4

    Handlebar & Seat


    • Handlebar description Aluminium, slightly curved model
    • Adjustable stem Yes
    • Grip type Gazelle Aero leather
    • Grips Luxury leather handlebar grips for a sophisticated feel and extra comfort


    • Saddle Selle Royal Essenza Plus
    • Seatpost description Fixed


      Front light

    • Light front description LED headlamp, on/off switching via display
    • Front light powersource Battery
    • Front light lux 60
    • Front light type Herrmans MR8

      Rear light

    • Rear light powersource Battery
    • Rear light type Spanninga Commuter Glow

    E-bike technology


    • Ebike system short description Bosch smart system
    • Engine location mid-drive motor
    • Torque 75
    • Engine model Bosch Performance Line (75Nm)
    • Ebike sensors pedal force sensor, rotation sensor, speed sensor


    • Battery type Li-ion
    • Battery position Integrated into frame
    • Battery replaceable Yes
    • Battery system Bosch
    • Ebike charger description 4 Ah


    • Amount of support levels 4
    • Display control unit Yes
    • Walk assist Yes
    • Display Model Bosch Kiox 300
    • Display detachable Yes



    • Warranty frame 10 years’ warranty
    • Warranty fork 5 years’ warranty
    • Warranty paint 5 years’ warranty
    • Warranty other parts 2 years’ warranty
    • Warranty battery 2 years’ warranty
    • Warranty motor 2 years’ warranty
    • Warranty diplay 2 years’ warranty



    • Lock description Ring lock with an option for a plug-in cable to attach your bike to a fixed object for extra protection against theft
    • Lock safety level ART ** certified
    • Lock Type Axa Imenso


    • Chaincase description Aluminum
    • Kickstand type drop-down rear stand
    • Kickstand Ursus Mooi
    • Chaincase type Chain guard


    • Rear carrier description Aluminum MIK HD system carrier
    • Carrier MIK system Yes

    Enjoy the ride

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