Rider Story: Ria Plas – Arroyo C8 Ebike Rider Interview

Read about Ria P. of Port Dover, ON and how her Gazelle Arroyo C8 allows her to continue her love for biking, on her own terms.

Read about Ria P. of Port Dover, ON and how her Gazelle Arroyo C8 allows her to continue her love for biking, on her own terms.

Which Gazelle Model do you have?

Arroyo C8 HMB

How long have you had your Gazelle?

Since September 26, 2020. I always rode a bike with a crossbar.  In 2010, I switched to an oma fiets – because I liked the upright position and the Dutch-ness.Then, I test rode and bought a Gazelle Arroyo in late September 2020 and, as they say “the rest is history”.

How has owning a Gazelle changed the way you live?

It has given me an extra 10 years (or more!) of enjoying bike rides.

How long have you been riding and is this your first ebike? 

72 years (since I was 3) – Yes, this is mt first ebike; I previously owned an oma fiets style bike and a Giant road bike.

How do you use your Gazelle–for commuting, errands, fitness, fun–or all of the above? Tell us how you enjoy the ride. 

Fitness, fun, cruising around town, as well as using it to view properties as a realtor. The adjustments for the handle bars are fabulous and being able to adjust on my own is a bonus.  

What are your thoughts about the role of cycling and ebikes in a more sustainable future?

Great future!  Added infrastructure / paved pathways; or wider shoulders

What has been your greatest or most memorable adventure with your Gazelle?

Riding 100km for a charity ride, 90 km to visit family, and getting lunch at the roadside stop.

Anything else you would like to share about your Gazelle or your experience with it?

I connected my Phone with the Bosch COBI.Bike app. I have 2 panniers to carry an extra battery, for the longer rides, or pick up groceries on the way home. The odometer reads 8,485km. I have the bike serviced each year. So far, only 2 chains have been replaced and I still have the original tires.

Do you have any big ride plans for this spring or summer?

This year, I hope to participate in longer group / overnight rides. I plan to hit 10,000 kilometers, ideally 12,000 km by the end of the riding season.

Any words of advice or wisdom for someone considering getting their first ebike?

It took me quite a bit to get my comfortable riding position – I changed my seat several times and found the Brooks saddle to be the most comfortable. I wish that the seat post – height up/down could be easier.

Anything else you would like to share?

My Gazelle ebike has changed my life allowing me to continue biking longer,  stay fit, explore the countryside and go longer distances. I am 75 years old and hope to ride for another 5 years at least!

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