About the Gazelle Factory

For over 100 years, our Gazelle factory in Dieren, the Netherlands, has been producing bicycles to the highest quality standards. Over the years, the original factory has been expanded and remodeled to create space for Gazelle’s ongoing growth and development. In 2014, we decided the continuous growth of the Gazelle brand meant the time had come for a total renovation and build-out of our original factory in Dieren. We were proud to have the doors of our new facility opened by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander on September 3, 2015.

Our original factory building now houses the Innovation & Production Center, and a new 7000m2 assembly shop was built between the existing factory buildings and the historic main building. This new assembly building houses the bicycle assembly lines and the automated paint shop where our bicycles are painted.

Curious to see how Gazelle bikes are made? Take a tour of our factory below.

Paint shop

Check out the longest paint line in the world. Each Gazelle bicycle is given 4 individual coats of paint, and each application is quality checked to ensure even and smooth coverage. Our attention to detail is unparalleled; the decal of every Gazelle bike is applied by hand in the final stage.


At Royal Dutch Gazelle, our factory is highly efficient, allowing us to produce 250,000 bikes a year. Every 30 seconds, another Gazelle bike leaves the factory. How do we keep up the pace? With good preparation! Watch how we make every bike a true Gazelle.

Wheel assembly

At Royal Dutch Gazelle, we make 250,000 new bikes each year, which means we need twice as many wheels. We assemble these wheels ourselves to ensure a smooth ride. See how we make over half a million wheels a year.


A new Gazelle bicycle rolls off of our state-of-the-art assembly line every 90 seconds. Each bicycle is assembled and checked by a team of 30 skilled technicians. Checkout how our assembly lines produce a perfect Gazelle.

Test lab

Quality is paramount. Each bike is put through over 20 different tests in our test lab, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality. All bikes are checked at their critical points, and random testing inspects bikes down to the screws because only a perfect bike is a Gazelle.

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