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Gazelle wants to hear your story. We’re looking for Gazelle ambassadors in San Francisco, Portland (OR), Seattle, Brooklyn and Washington DC to ride a Gazelle EasyFlow with a Shimano Steps electric motor for about a month and report back how the experience positively impacted your life. Email us at and let us know why your story is a story worth sharing.

Cycling delivers on Global Goals

18th June 2018

In September 2015, a new set of Sustainable Development Goals was adopted by the United Nations. It's aim is to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. As sustainable mode of transportation and healthy daily activity, cycling can play a significant part in achieving these goals. Around two billion bikes are being used globally at the moment, with the expectation that this amount will rise to five billion in 2050. Investment in better conditions for cycling as mode of transportation seems therefore of critical importance. Even more as, according to World Cyclists Alliance, cycling is directly linked to help achieve 11 of the 17 Global Goals. This by being a simple, sustainable, and affordable mode of transport offering all different kinds of opportunities and access.

A Smooth and Elegant Way to Get Around any City

6th June 2018