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Gazelle Electric Bikes

E-bikes are here to stay. You’ve no doubt seen people riding by on electric bicycles of all shapes, colors, sizes and styles. Join the fun with an e-bike from Gazelle! Our wide range of pedal-assist models mean that you’re sure to find the right bike for you. Commute to work, run errands, ride for fun or fitness and explore the world around you. With the extra boost from your Gazelle e-bike, no ride is too far. In fact, you may just find yourself taking the long way on purpose.

Electric Motors

Bosch and Shimano mid motors

With Gazelle you have a choice between mid-drive motor from Bosch and Shimano. Mid-drive motors by Bosch and Shimano are the best electric bike motor systems out in the market. We equipe our bikes with the Bosch Perfomance Line, Bosch Active Line Plus and Shimano E6000 series. Each system has its characteristics. Have a look at our different motor system pages.


The highest capacity batteries available

Enjoying the ride on your Gazelle should never be limited by the battery. That’s why we spec all Gazelle bicycles with the highest capacity batteries available from both Bosch and Shimano. Some of our electric bikes have carrier batteries, some of our bikes have integrated batteries in the downtube. All batteries are removable from th frame and can be either charged of the bike or straight from the battery. The batteries are secured with our one-key AXA system, one single key can be used for the battery and cafe lock. 

Bike Display

Insight in your bike behavior

You have questions; your Gazelle bike display has answers. What time is it? How fast are you going? How far have you gone? What assist level are you using? How many miles before you should recharge your battery? With our easy-to-read display, the answers to all of these questions and more are just a glance away.

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