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Are you looking to test ride or purchase a Gazelle electric bike? Does your Gazelle bike need service or repairs? Your local Gazelle electric bike store can help you with whatever you need. 

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You can always count on expert advice, friendly service, and personalized bike recommendations at your local Gazelle electric bike store. Search for your local bike shop below and get ready to enjoy the ride.

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Discover your perfect ride at the Gazelle Experience Center in Santa Cruz, California. With our team of friendly, insightful experts eager to share their passion and knowledge and our entire fleet of ebikes on display, you're sure to meet your match. Plan your visit today!

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There is so much information about ebikes can be overwhelming. We got you covered! Whether you are a first-time rider or a seasoned professional, we are here to help. 

Book a virtual consultation with our ebike experts for help finding your perfect ride. Dive into the complete Gazelle Experience and explore our ebike fleet, gain personalized advice, and discover a dose of Dutch cycling culture right in the comfort of your own home. We'll guide you toward your ideal ebike to test ride at a dealer near you. 

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eBike Incentives and Rebates

As the world pushes towards a more sustainable future, ebikes have become a vehicle of innovation. To encourage people to adopt electric bicycles governments and private groups of all sizes have begun offering rebate and incentive programs. With so many different programs offered, it can be confusing which ones you qualify for, so here at Gazelle we have created this incentive cheat sheet to help you navigate it all. After all, our goal is to help more people enjoy life on two wheels.

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eBike Positioning

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Here at Gazelle, we make electric bicycles to suit every type of rider and riding experience. We separate our wide range of pedal assist bikes into three main categories: Easy, Active, and Sportive. Each category's bikes offer a unique riding experience, with key differences in seating posture, suspension, frame style, and more.

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We aim high at Royal Dutch Gazelle, with one single-minded goalhelp as many people as possible enjoy the ride! Take advantage of our professionally trained dealers and get expert advice to discover the ideal bike to meet your needs. Check out our dealer locator to find your local electric bike shop.

130 Years of Excellence

About Gazelle

Since 1892, Gazelle has produced bikes of exceptional quality, comfort, and value, inspired by our love of bike riding and belief that bicycles should be accessible to all for daily life, and the long haul. Our thoughtful approach to design and relentless commitment to innovation drive us to create bikes to meet the needs of all types of riders, now and in the years to come. Discover more about our rich history and the joy of riding a Gazelle.

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