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Ready to reinvent your commute? Imagine sailing past traffic jams, expensive gas stations and parking lots, and stalled buses and trains with the wind in your hair and a smile on your face. With an electric bike, you can enjoy a whole new level of freedom and joy in your commute, without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Save Money on Two Wheels

Lower Your Commute Costs

Say goodbye to expenses related to gas, parking, and other car or transit costs. With gas prices continuing to reach new highs, the pain at the pump has never hit harder. Recharging your electric bike costs just pennies on the dollar, allowing you to breeze past the gas stations, expensive parking lots, and avoid tickets. 

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eBikes are Efficient and Emancipating

Discover Freedom and Fun

Take control of your schedule, beat traffic, forget the train timetable, stop looking for a parking spot, and live your best life by commuting by ebike. Leave the house when you want, have the flexibility and ease to run quick errands, and even get a little exercise on your way home when you embrace an electric bike commute. 

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Delight in Practical Features

Enjoy The Ride

Gazelle’s ebikes come with everything you need to get to and from work safely and comfortably, including integrated lighting, a high-capacity rear rack, and a rear-wheel lock. Fenders and a covered chain guard help keep your work clothes clean, and a powerful motor means you won’t work up a sweat on the way to the office.

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Experience the Benefits of Biking

Open Your World

Beyond the practical economic and efficiency benefits, biking to work offers so much more. From improving your mindset and physical fitness to lowering your environmental impact to connecting with the community around you in the way you just can’t achieve when driving a car, biking can be a truly transformative experience.

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Commute Your Way

Find The Perfect Electric Bike For You

Bikes for Every Type of Commuter

Offering a variety of frame styles, seating postures, and motor types, Gazelle makes ebikes for every type of commuter. If comfort is key, we recommend ebikes in our Easy category. Featuring accessible low-step frames, a super upright posture, and cushy grips and saddles, these bikes boast a relaxed ride. For riders with longer and more demanding commutes, electric bikes in our Active or Sportive category may be a better fit. These bikes offer low, mid, and high-step frame options, more gearing, powerful motors, and a more forward riding posture. Need help narrowing down these options?

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Meet Our Super Commuters

Class 3 Spotlight

Class 3 or speed bikes are electric bikes that are pedal-assist up to 28 mph. These bikes are ideal for experienced cyclists looking for a high-performance ebike that can get them from Point A to Point B as quickly and as powerfully as possible. Gazelle offers three different models of Class 3 ebikes, the Medeo T10+ and the Ultimate T10+ and C380+. These bikes are all specced with Bosch’s Performance Line Speed motor, offering 85 Nm of torque, a high-capacity 500 Wh battery, responsive 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, and more generous front suspension forks to smooth that high speed ride. To ensure a stiff and stable frame, these models all have a top tube, so Gazelle Class 3 ebikes only come in mid and high-step frame styles. If you have a long commute or have to ride on busy roads, a Class 3 ebike may be the best option for you. Ready to meet your speedy match?

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Join Our Bike Month Challenge

May is Bike Month and we’re excited to celebrate by kicking off our first-ever Bike Month Challenge. We invite you to join us on the Love To Ride platform to log your rides and cheer on your fellow Gazelle riders. At the end of the month, we will award prizes to the top riders by category: Most Miles, Most Rides, Most Commute Miles, and Most Days Ridden.

Tested: The Gazelle Ultimate C380+

The Gazelle Ultimate C380+ is possibly the ultimate commuter e-bike that will have you effortlessly zipping along at up to 28mph.

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CNET Road / Show

CNET Road / Show

Gazelle Ultimate C380 Plus HMB isn't your average e-bike

"This bike has a huge list of features that differentiate it from typical hybrid commuter e-bikes...The cargo light is integrated within the rear rack. I love how clean this looks."

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The 4 Best New E-Bikes for Commuting This Summer

"I’d love to tell you there’s some particular fault of this belt-driven commuter from the Dutch brand...Affix a pair of panniers and you’re all set for commuting."

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About Gazelle

130 Years of Excellence

Since 1892, Gazelle has produced bikes of exceptional quality, comfort, and value, inspired by our love of cycling and belief that bicycles should be accessible to all for daily life, and the long haul. Our thoughtful approach to design and relentless commitment to innovation drive us to create bikes to meet the needs of all types of riders, now and in the years to come. Discover more about this rich history and the joy of riding a Gazelle.

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