Electric Commuter Bikes

Electric Commuter Bike Benefits

Do you want to commute to and from work in comfort every day? Sail past the traffic jams and arrive on time for that early meeting? Or simply get into town quickly? Do all these things and more with a Gazelle electric commuter bike. Sporty bikes for the daily commute, but also to get through town nimbly and quickly. The ideal bike for day-to-day use in all weather. An efficient and playful alternative to public transport and the car!



Make commuting a breeze

An electric commuter bike is an excellent alternative to public transport and the car. No more trouble with train delays or traffic jams! A sporty seating posture provides the perfect posture to move through the traffic as swiftly as possible. Practicality, style, and speed all come together in our commuter bikes. The minimalist design and unique details ensure you stand out from the crowd. An electric commuter bike is a perfect way to travel short to medium distances, enjoy the outdoors, and decrease your environmental impact. 


The highest capacity batteries available for electric commuter bikes

We spec all Gazelle bikes with the highest capacity batteries available from both Bosch. Some of our electric commuter bikes have carrier batteries, while others have integrated batteries in the downtube. All batteries are removable from the frame and can be either charged on the bike or straight from the battery. The batteries are secured with our one-key AXA system; one single key can be used for the battery and cafe lock.


Accessibility and ease

Offering a variety of step through frame designs, Gazelle makes electric bikes for every type of commuter. Our step through frames allow for more confidence on the bike as they make mounting and dismounting easy

All of our electric commuter bikes come equipped with accessories like fenders, chain guards, kickstands, bells, lights, locks, and racks. Our goal is to make your daily ride a breeze.  



Tested: The Gazelle Ultimate C380+

The Gazelle Ultimate C380+ is possibly the ultimate commuter e-bike that will have you effortlessly zipping along at up to 28mph.

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CNET Road / Show

CNET Road / Show

Gazelle Ultimate C380 Plus HMB isn't your average e-bike

"This bike has a huge list of features that differentiate it from typical hybrid commuter e-bikes...The cargo light is integrated within the rear rack. I love how clean this looks."

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The 4 Best New E-Bikes for Commuting This Summer

"I’d love to tell you there’s some particular fault of this belt-driven commuter from the Dutch brand...Affix a pair of panniers and you’re all set for commuting."

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