Commutes By Gazelle eBike

Read about the experiences of real Gazelle riders who have changed their lives by changing their commute. Electric bikes open up a whole new world and a whole new way to get to work.

Commute by Ebike

How has owning a Gazelle electric bike changed the way you live?

I love commuting by bike. As opposed to buying a second car for my teenagers to use during the summers when they are working, I bought an ebike for myself.  I work 2 miles from home but it is up and down with hills both ways, a mix of pavement and gravel roads, in southern VT, and was too much for my old knees on my old bike. It was doable by regular bike but not easy, especially on hot summer days. Plus I’m a single mom, with 2 kids, 2 dogs, chickens, gardens, and yard to keep up. So if I used up all my energy biking there wasn’t much left to do all the things that needed to be done after work. The Gazelle Medeo T9 ebike has let me leave the car behind, is so much fun to ride, gets me to work in a much better frame of mind, and eases my conscience about how much impact my life has on the environment. LOVE IT! – Jennifer L., Cavendish, VT

Did you commute by bike prior to getting your Gazelle ebike?

I occasionally rode my road bike but due to hills I couldn’t do it that often – Erica C., Kansas City, MO

No, before my Gazelle ebike I went by car – Henny S., Den Helder, The Netherlands

First time with the Gazelle  – Marnie P., San Francisco, CA

How long (miles or kilometers) is your commute and what type of route do you take, e.g. bike path, bike lane, high traffic streets, etc.?

My commute is 9 miles each way, on a mix of high-traffic streets, bike lanes and protected bike lanes. – Adam B., Silver Spring, MD

I comute 15 miles each way, 2-3 times a week (more weather permitting) 5 miles city roads, 10 miles bike path – Ram N., Boston, MA

I ride 5 miles each way on a bike lane – Erica C., Kansas City, MO

I follow the traffic on the highway and the commute is around 15 miles each way. – David J. Canandaigua, NY

What’s your favorite part or the biggest benefit of commuting by ebike?

While I don’t use commuting by bike as my form of exercise it definitely helps keep me in shape. What I enjoy the most is that I’m much more observant on the bike than I ever was in a car. The other day I watched a heron land in a stream I was passing over. My mental health is much better because of the bike. – Erica C., Kansas City, MO

Beating the traffic – Adam B., Silver Spring, MD

I feel better because my health has improved – Henny S., Den Helder, The Netherlands

1) getting to work feeling cool as a cucumber, 2) being able to pull away from traffic lights really quickly, 3) Best of all has to be the smile on my face from riding my beautiful bike! – Ruth F., Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

My favorite part is the unwinding at the end of the day. I do it for me after being diagnosed with diabetes over a year ago. It’s not a long ride but it is some exercise. – Lou W., Brattleboro, VT

Wakes me up before working my shift – Marnie P., San Francisco, CA

Anything else you would like to share about your experience of commuting with your Gazelle?

I use my Gazelle for all my journeys, within around a 20 mile radius of where I live and it’s transformed my life in all ways imaginable. – David J. Canandaigua, NY

Having my C380+, I feel safe and it rides solid in any path I take, especially in the downhill part of my commute, I’m very confident that this bike will take me home safely. I never felt the confidence I have with this bike compared with my previous ones. Gazelle bikes are well designed and built to replace our cars for short commutes to work. All you need to worry about is: Did I charge the battery? – Marnie P., San Francisco, CA

​​This bike has transformed riding for me, hills are eaten up in an instant, and being able to go out on family rides again is wonderful! The upright position of the Grenoble is supremely comfortable and the ride is phenomenally smooth. Can you tell that I love my bike? 💜 – Ruth F., Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

I almost never use my car anymore. Even when it’s raining and it’s windy I travel by bike.  – Henny S., Den Helder, The Netherlands

Definitely puts me in a better frame of mind. – Lou W., Brattleboro, VT

Feels reliable to use a bike for such long commutes. Allows me to depend on my own transport without needing a car – Ram N., Boston, MA

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